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  1. How to Use SRL succesfully and where to save it
  2. My other tutorial (Human Typing)
  3. Basic Scar Variables and Colors
  4. BitMap Tutorial
  5. Users.scar UsersManager.scar Tutorial!!
  6. Brief FindColorSpiral/FindObj Lesson
  7. Arrays
  8. Bitmaps
  9. Scar Beginners - Basics
  10. Auto-Login
  11. Adding Randoms to Your Scripts
  12. Scar Basics - (Old Tutorial).
  13. Bitmap + Color Help (Old Tutorial)
  14. Array Tutorial - (Old Tutorial)
  15. starting scar for absolute begginers
  16. Making a Progress Report
  17. A Basic Scar Tutural Script
  18. SCAR Tutorial.exe is Here!
  19. Video Proggress report
  20. Bitmaps
  21. xs, ys, xe, ye ...
  22. Fail-safes, repeat and loop tutorial
  23. How to use Radialwalk and Linearwalk. [Video]
  24. The PotatoResponder
  25. DRSARed(Auto Coloring Function By Me) * old
  26. dtm vid tut teaches how to make and use dtm's
  27. Ultimate SCAR Begginer\Intermediate's Guide!Please Read
  28. For new people that cant set up scar...
  29. Guide to Scripting(If you are totally new at it)
  30. Your first script - Very Detailed
  31. How To Download SRL The Right Way.
  32. If's and Then's and repeats...
  33. Ultimate Noob Tutorial!
  34. Making Standards.
  35. How to make a cool Progress Report
  36. SCAR Script Official Standards
  37. How to Become an SRL Member
  38. Types + PlayerArray Tutorial
  39. Labels and goto (loop) tutorial (intermediate)
  40. [Updated]What The FAQ?
  41. Back to scar preschool
  42. Unmatched Beginner's Guide to Scripting Scar
  43. Scripting Standards
  44. How to make a DTM that the user can select the colour of
  45. Alternate default script!
  46. Scar Scripting Standards
  47. How to set up your players.
  48. Video: Setting up SRL
  49. So You want to be a scripter....
  50. Scripting Standards
  51. Developing And Maintaining A Script
  52. Create Your Own Commands
  53. 5 Easy steps to becoming a scripter
  54. Guide to walking
  55. UberPedia
  56. RadialWalk
  57. AddToOnlineReport
  58. RadialWalking
  59. How to make color picker that works in form?
  60. InterScarMessage
  61. How To Make And Use Variables And Constants
  62. How To Auto Properly For Dummies
  63. Unmatched Beginner's Guide To Scripting Scar (Hands On)
  64. [TUT]Fun with TPoints, TBoxes, and More![/TUT]
  65. How to Auto Using Scar/SRL
  66. Using patterns
  67. The Do's and Dont's of using SCAR and SRL
  68. Implementing Randoms and Anti-ban into YOUR script.
  69. [~~~Bitmap Tutorial~~~]
  70. The ReadLn Function!
  71. A Quick lesson on Failsafes!
  72. All about Const's!
  73. Script authing & the internet
  74. Using Proper Scripting Standards
  75. [VIDEO w/ VOICE] Creating & Finding Bitmap Masks!
  76. Include older Functions and Procedures.*old
  77. Full Bitmap and DTM Tutorial
  78. Types of loops
  79. Cases, and how to use them!
  80. AutoColoring for intermediates
  81. Using Case and Of
  82. Types and Arrays
  83. Finding objects
  84. Learn to program with SCAR
  85. ~ FindDTMRotated ~
  86. Here you will learn to use my function DirectionScanner.
  87. How to fix SCAR's Banking Problem with scripts
  88. Find A color And Click
  89. X1, y1, x2, y2
  90. A good first script
  91. Basic functions : How to implement and create
  92. New Scar function getstatus
  93. How To Noobishly Authorize
  94. Fixing Errors [Video]
  95. ISM Example
  96. How to use MultiPlayer to base your script on
  97. How to use DTM's in your script.
  98. [Scar IDE] How to set jEDIT to edit scar files corectly!
  99. Making Nesting Forms
  100. Yohojo's DTM Tut 2 DDTMs
  101. Easy And Usefull Stuff Tutorial!!!
  102. How to Download Srl and Scar!
  103. General FailSafes
  104. Loops
  105. The Posting Commandments
  106. Randoms And If...Thens Put Together
  107. Downloading SCAR and SRL!
  108. After this tut youre the coolest scripter in the town. come come...
  109. How To Get SRL Stats
  110. The Ten Minute Tutorial
  111. Using antirandoms in your scripts!
  112. Multiple possibilities, only one needed. Using tolerance in finding colors!
  113. Virtual Machines
  114. Loading bitmaps from the web!
  115. How to make a grid of boxes
  116. FindObjMulti + Little bit of Bitmaps
  117. All other FindObj functions
  118. How to set up SCAR
  119. For DownTo / To Do [Statements]
  120. Path To SRL Members
  121. Autoing Strategy and Getting Setup
  122. RGB.scar - The Tutorial
  123. How to manually install SRL 4 BETA
  124. Simple way to install SRL 4
  125. Help With Converting Your Script To SRL 4!
  126. Fix for "Unknown identifier ChangeFPHandle"
  127. MultiColoring 101(int)
  128. How to fix Unknown identifier 'MouseSpeed' in Setup.scar error
  129. Creating your first Scar Script
  130. How to become a *junior* member.
  131. Scar/SRL Tutorial
  132. Script Comments
  133. Noob to semi-pro
  134. Using The SRL Wiki
  135. How to start autoing!
  136. The Everything Tutorial
  137. Setup Scar 3.15 and SRL Repository!
  138. [OutDated] Downloading & Installing Subversion 1.4.5
  139. [Outdated]DeclarePlayers with SRL's Playerform
  140. How to Fix the SRL/SCAR errors with Vista
  141. Stuff every SRL scripter should know! pt. 1
  142. Making a Flawless script
  143. Designing a mainloop - make it failsafe
  144. Full Remote Control Tutorial.
  145. Create Your Own Includes!
  146. Types!
  147. Ascii Generator Tutorial.
  148. The Universal Power of DTM's!
  149. Using SRL Stats
  150. Learning to script from the basics to becoming an SRL Member
  151. Procedure and Functions{How To Use/Differences Between Them}
  152. SRL Membership - READ before applying to members!
  153. MS Virtual PC 2007 + TinyXP - Step by step setup!
  154. Getting a SRL ID (Pics)
  155. A little Tutorial on Variables, Mouse Moving, and Colors
  156. How to be a srl junior member
  157. About ScarScape
  158. SCAR Method
  159. Getting used to Commands
  160. Using An Unsigned Java Applet
  161. [OutDated] How to make a script run!
  162. Complete SCAR and SRL set up with video aid.
  163. Guide to setting up and running scripts with video aid.
  164. Tutorial for the "Beginner Scripter". With video aid.
  165. MakingASignatureInScripts
  166. SRL Memberz [All reveled]
  167. How to NOT get answer to your question in forum
  168. Read Before Posting!
  169. How to auto (SCAR) without blocking your PC
  170. [Out Dated] ScarScape by sythe client here! .exe by MK
  171. Everything (Or Most Of What) Beginners Need To Know
  172. How To Make A Good Auto-Typer (for noobs)
  173. This WILL teach you HSL, RGB, and XYZ
  174. Setting Up Scar DIVI and SRL Repository
  175. All about loops.
  176. How to make a word link to a site.
  177. AutoTalker Learning Script.
  178. Read this before posting a first script!
  179. The Basics Tutorial
  180. Auto Fishing For Noobs
  181. SRL Id
  182. DDTMs and their uses
  183. Cases, What are they?
  184. Your Guide to the SRL-Member's rank
  185. Updated AntiBan & AntiRandoms Guide!
  186. Read before posting
  187. How to make a "fenced proggie"
  188. Getting started to learn how to script
  189. Adding SRL Stats to Your Scriptz! [Pic-Tut]
  190. [Updated] The different ranks/Cups of SRL
  191. [OUT Dated] Using SRL Stats
  192. Skilld Anti-Ban Tut!
  193. Complete Guide to Logging In
  194. Ultimate Basic Functions Guide
  195. The Simple TPA Power! - FindObjTPA
  196. Your Guide To Giving and Receiving Reputation
  197. Creating Your own procedures/functions in SCAR
  198. how to setup and use latest srl and scar?!
  199. How To Set Up a Good Army
  200. Your Full Guide to Preparing to Auto [SCAR, SRL, SVN, HowTo Auto]
  201. [Outdated] How to join the SRL IRC channel
  202. DTM's = Easy
  203. HowTo Set up a Script [DeclarePlayers, const]
  204. Color arrays and how to control them
  205. Progress Reports!
  206. VIDEO tuts on how to use SCAR
  207. SRL/SCAR - Dictionary
  208. The Scar & SRL Tutorial, By Hermpie
  209. Solving the "Couldn't move the ... to the Plugins folder"
  210. How to Use SCAR Tags (and the Posting Controls)
  211. A lesson on If-then's, For, While, and Cases!
  212. How To Register At SRL Stats
  213. How to not leave you pass in a script/Srl Player Form tut
  214. How to GET your answer in a script thread
  215. Helpful SCAR Tricks
  216. How to print your scripts correctly!
  217. Loops.
  218. Arrays!
  219. HowTo Make Your Autoing Army
  220. All In One Beginner's Guide To Scar Scripting
  221. How to update your srl manually
  222. Ultimate Scar Basics
  223. Tutorial for the "Intermediate Scripter" with video aid.
  224. A brief tutorial on scar.
  225. Logged In Player is not in Players array
  226. How To Get A Good Reputation on SRL
  227. Reflection Downloader!
  228. Basic programming tutorial, A must read for beginners!
  229. 2 ways to multiple log
  230. Runescape Multiple Login By Proxy
  231. Running more than 1 S.M.A.R.T's. * how to auto
  232. All about Rep
  233. All-Proof - Walking Through Variables
  234. Need a Topic for a TUTORIAL!
  235. Adding the (D) in (D)DTMs
  236. Short Standards Tut
  237. how to multi log in on runescape
  238. How to start autoing, all from step 1.
  239. How To Become A Srl Junior Member
  240. How to hide a url code and replace it with your disred text.
  241. [#29] SRL user-defined procedures!
  242. Functions - Creating and using them.
  243. Setting up Scar 3.15b SVN and SRL!
  244. Standards demystified
  245. The SRL Manual
  246. new forum design?
  247. Scar/reflection setup. *old
  248. Popc0rn's Auto-Spammer Tutorial!
  249. begginer tut
  250. The comprehensive guide to installing SCAR 3.15 beta using Windows Explorer