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  1. Bank_model_id
  2. Not able to choose a world on official client
  3. Simba installation question?
  4. Error in glTextures
  5. [HELP] Getting text from Chatbox
  6. Setup Simba
  7. Learning to create a script - Error
  8. Invalid Number of Parameters
  9. Invalid Number of Parameters.. as always
  10. Can't find the correct Function
  11. Duplicate Declaration in "SmartShowConsole"
  12. False Mouse over text
  13. cry for help ....
  14. Best VM for runescape NXT client?
  15. setting up smart
  16. Rs3 script faults. Pls help
  17. bot no responding wrong path possibly
  18. Error when checking for updates for extensions
  19. LF Simba experienced scripter
  20. Running proxifier with Simba
  21. WaitFindColor
  22. Need IP Proxifier Help.
  23. unable to detect rs
  24. possible rsbot in python? :)
  25. Client size on windows 10
  26. Script can't see the pottery symbol in burthorpe
  27. How to get proxifier set up properly for Simba? (multiple IP's)
  28. sps.getPlayerPos() gives wrong position
  29. Need some help.
  30. Humanmmouse function
  31. Reflection MapWalk function question
  32. Botting help for Android
  33. RSwalker help
  34. SMART Client keeps taking focus/keyboard function
  35. Unable to set display mode to OpenGL
  36. How to run multiple Simba scripts? thread is unviewable
  37. How to parse JSON?
  38. AeroLib - Block expected at line 58
  39. SMART client opens alongside a debug screen.
  40. First Script (Non-RS), Point Me in the Right Direction?
  41. Flickering screen failed to recognize RS was loaded
  42. No phone required email!
  43. Crashing when auto setup graphics for first time.
  44. Human mouse movement
  45. Task Scheduler not launching simba in foreground
  46. Idle adventures
  47. non rs help
  48. Color Picker Black Screen.
  49. Failed To Find Java.exe or Javaw.exe. Please add ...\JRE\Bin to your PATH environment
  50. Tesseract FIlter and String Array Help
  51. 50/50 scripts?
  52. Player Manager problem?
  53. [Reflection] [Fatal] is not active. ??????
  54. What's new?
  55. Use Simba to draw Range Displays in League of Legends?
  56. Can I please get some help?
  57. Math
  58. Cant start my bot
  59. Setting a proxy with the smart client
  60. Been struggling for ages pls help me
  61. Colour Picker Questions!?
  62. Paying 10M Osrs for Simba setup on rs3.
  63. need help with color finding
  64. need help with srl
  65. [Simba] Script stops instead of infinite while loop !
  66. help with DTM's
  67. Weird movements
  68. Error: Plugin(SimpleOCR32) has not been found
  69. FindDTM need help
  70. Little help with operator
  71. help with a script
  72. bitmapexists and repeat
  73. OSRS bot not logging in or doing anything
  74. Does anyone have a Mirror of Driger's tutorial.exe ?
  75. Is there currently a way to record video with simba?
  76. Regarding SMART's FPS
  77. Help with a script, PressKey - KeyDown not working
  78. Help with walking/pathing & Choosing specific option out of multiple choices
  79. What do these two buttons do and why can't I click one?
  80. what are the chances of being banned if I use vpn?
  81. Can't get the right coordinates, because resolution changes
  82. Unknown access violation error...
  83. How do I check every instance of a color?
  84. RS Client isn't working with Cross Hairs (Select a Client)
  85. Do you use PixelShift to click a moving object?
  86. Is there something wrong with the banking includes?
  87. Simba's coordinate indicator does not match actual SMART size
  88. SPS does not fully walk through TPA.
  89. Creating Proper Custom Fonts for GetTextAt
  90. making a 2DTIntArray to IntArray
  91. XP Bar on RS3
  92. EAccessviolation ERROR ¬ help!
  93. Does Simba have dictionary/hash datatype?
  94. Cant get SPS.walk to work
  95. Bot for creating account and do simple tasks (not Rs)
  96. What does SRL even mean?
  97. way to hide console?
  98. need help with a script
  99. How can I use this map walking function?
  100. cant increment variable in loops
  101. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...
  102. Error: Out of type range
  103. Need help with my first script.
  104. Hello
  105. Access Violation while trying to make a FloatInStr Function.
  106. Strange problem, can't describe in title..
  107. "invalid integer" From StringToInt when converting a tesseract read
  108. KeyDown not working
  109. [GaussBox] Point invalid (%d, %d)
  110. S.M.A.R.T or official client?
  111. how to make procedure stop?
  112. How can I enable the Debug Button?
  113. Looking for someone to do some one on one coding with me
  114. stupid and in need of help.
  115. Help making a looter/banker using basicFigher *thanks Bonsai!*
  116. How can you make Scripts for OSRS to work on a Private Server? Using Simba
  117. Simba doesn't work at ALL on either PC
  118. Can i use Simba with the NXT client?
  119. S.M.A.R.T won't launch and gives error
  120. Urgent need help
  121. Still can't launch any script
  122. Help with NPC fighter + looter.
  123. How to open .simba files on mac!
  124. How to open updater files? - simba on MAC
  125. Help with DTMs
  126. Help,Unkown Declaration MSX1.
  127. Need help getting fishing script for OSRS to work
  128. Help; Plugin(LIBSMARTREMOTE32)
  129. Simba getColor always returns 0...
  130. Interaction with User help
  131. Chatbox
  132. Getting SMART to work when downloaded via extensions.
  133. Error: Access violation
  134. Lumbridge Update - broken function?
  135. RSPS Magic Chopper
  136. Modifying the bot interface
  137. Settings for runescape3
  138. Is OpenGl as safe as srl 6?
  139. Client crashes whenever I start my script (no SMART)
  140. Using Simba and SMART with SRL/OSR.
  141. Is Simba detected by VAC?
  142. SMART and Linux
  143. Out of Memory error even when bitmap is released?
  144. Color Picker working but Script won't find the color
  145. Will somebody help me add this?
  146. "Moving" Coords all at once
  147. SMART client is very laggy for me
  148. Importance of breaks and antibans?
  149. PostHTTPPage
  150. sendKeys not working
  151. String Arrays
  152. Is it possible to press and send two or more keys at the same time?
  153. Freeing gametabs bitmaps
  154. DTM editor is not loading client image
  155. Need help finding moving Pizel
  156. Memory Reading with Simba
  157. Simba won't read colors when I attach to the client for a specific game
  158. Error: Invalid evaluation at line 86 Compiling failed. pls help
  159. Simba mouse not moving
  160. Help can't target client
  161. "Srl" chat "isnt actually for srl or botting" and nobody cares about botting here
  162. Starting Scripts with CLI
  163. Is mouseBox safe to use?
  164. Script Help <3
  165. mouse(0, 0) when running script
  166. Smart Client with other programs
  167. freeing DTM's
  168. Need Help Starting Simba script
  169. Why doesnt my mouse move?
  170. Errors only on VPS
  171. Firefox tab changer
  172. Discord chat anyone?
  173. Does appa still exist?
  174. Missing SMART feature.
  175. Botting outside of RS
  176. Multiple clients - autotyper?
  177. SIMBA mouse speed help
  178. Ugh. Mousespeed almsot fixed.
  179. Help detecting numbers
  180. Error when opening Smart client.
  181. Simba getPage SSL
  182. target buffer for glReadPixels
  183. Need help
  184. How does eve online's anti-cheat work?
  185. White screen when opening SMART client
  186. "updater scripts"
  187. alternative for antiban procedures?
  188. Help please i'm something new in this
  189. I do not know what to do, please
  190. Tesseract_GetUTF8Text access violation
  191. A question about the implementation of scripts with bot interface tutorial
  192. How do you run SMART through a SOCKS proxy?
  193. font update
  194. Maplestory - Character & Mob detection | Suggestions please
  195. Creating custom fonts?
  196. Is it feasible to programmatically target the smaller RS window?
  197. Drawing boxes on screen
  198. Need help with Simba SMART Client
  199. Anyone running Simba on Mac?
  200. Rs client will not load, need help, says error message.
  201. Switching to Simba from another client
  202. Black Desert Online Key Presses Help
  203. osrs reflection
  204. How can I use 2 colors with ATPA?
  205. Need help fixing Hoodz Fighter
  206. Client not opening
  207. Issues getting scripts to compile
  208. Script using massive amounts of cpu?
  209. OSRS simba java 7 no longer available... OK to use the new versions?
  210. Erasing equal integers on different integer Arrays
  211. How to keep bot running on RDP?
  212. Unknown Delcaration Issue
  213. auto log in not working
  214. [LAPE] memCopy ? Move ?
  215. Odd issue that has been occuring lately...
  216. How to remove LLMHF_INJECTED flag
  217. Scripting for Non-RS use
  218. What's Wrong With My 'If, Then, Else' Statements?
  219. What's Wrong With My DTM Strings?
  220. It doesn't find a color inside a box using FindColorTolerance
  221. how to log into osrs with aerolib?
  222. Creating a Maplestory client?
  223. tabBackpack not working correctly
  224. AeroLib/Pluggins
  225. Why does my script think its found a Bitmap?
  226. Rswalker map not found, even though its in the right place.
  227. How Would I Include All The Addons?
  228. SSLsocket issue
  229. Simba / Memu / Clash Of Clans Issue
  230. bonsaiFighter Script for RS3 cannot detect an initiatied fight.
  231. Simba loads... but I can't see it? wat do
  232. AeroLib error
  233. Looking for a scripting partner
  234. Simba for Linux?
  235. Having Issues....
  236. Access Violation Error
  237. Need Help with error
  238. Is it possible to run multiple copies of a rsps bot on 1 computer?
  239. Whitescreen SMART Error
  240. any BASIC or GENERAL help with OSRS bot script [REFLECTION]
  241. Question
  242. Something change?
  243. SCRIPTS NOT DETECTING BANK? any way to fix temporary or circumvent this?
  244. OSRS Bot in 2018?
  245. Complete Guide to Setting Up Simba and SRL
  246. Access Violation at line 25
  247. Anyone know of an includes parser?
  248. Reset Script
  249. New to using Includes (Aerolib) cant seem to get past setup, help please
  250. how to make simba random what it types