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  1. Setting up Scar So you can Auto Properly
  2. Auto WOODCUTTING for Noobs
  3. How To Auto Properlly (A leacher's tutorial) [Basic]
  4. The [FULL] Guide To Autoing
  5. How to prevent ban from auto
  6. Guide to never getting IP banned!
  7. EVERYTHING you need to know about JaGex cache files! [UID/Random.dat]
  8. How to detect password stealing scripts
  9. How to Create an Army *how to auto
  10. Removing Ads on Runescape
  11. How To Auto Safely
  12. SCAR on OS X!
  13. Noob question - how do I set up SCAR?
  14. Auto without getting banned
  15. git crash course
  16. [VIDEO] Setting up SCAR and SRL
  17. How to sort out the MSVCR71.dll error
  18. How To Start Autoing
  19. [OUTDATED]Setting up RS to Auto
  20. Downloading & Installing Tortoise SVN
  21. Guide to Setting Up a Good Botting Army
  22. Where to get CTWB.simba
  23. The complete newbie's guide to SRL
  24. Script Is Not Working For Me [ Most Common Fixes ]
  25. What works after the update?
  26. where do I get the colors
  27. Need help with walking
  28. Need help
  29. i need help :(
  30. Problem with 'Manipulatoin' file
  31. How to bypass the RS Update blocker
  32. How to add scripts?
  33. Getting all the time an error
  34. Can anybody help :/
  35. agility botting
  36. Ape Atoll Bot
  37. In depth SIMBA bot guide.
  38. Wtf? Script is stuffed up?
  39. Why do I use MSI public script to mining! Won't go to the bank keep!
  40. Help!
  41. Simba/Smart on Mac OS!
  42. Problem opening a script I downloaded
  43. How do I bot combat?
  44. How to Fix MSVCR100.dll Problem
  45. So, you get an error huh?
  46. Quick Guide for setting up SIMBA in LINUX
  47. How to keep from getting hacked!
  48. New Simba Member That Needs Help
  49. Simba Startup problem 1MILL REWARD
  50. Manage your bots from your smart phone!
  51. How to run scripts on Simba
  52. Common Scripting Errors
  53. Simba not working for me.
  54. Function to help Babysit bots! (Even when your AFK!)
  55. Setting up a VM to run simba
  56. [OUTDATED] How to Setup Simba for Lape.
  57. [OUTDATED]SMART error fixes [WalkThrough]
  58. Help
  59. Help
  60. [Video] How to Install & Setup Simba & SRL For Auoting!
  61. Autotalker HELP.
  62. Smart - Problem/difficulty/question
  63. Unable to find file 'srl\srl.simba'
  64. [images] My simba 991 won't work! (SPS->SMART)
  65. Help? Exception in Script: Unable to find file 'ObjectDTM\ObjDTMInclude.simba' used f
  66. 76 Help Desk tabs open?!
  67. SMART Crashes
  68. Simba / 07 Help.
  69. Basics, help!
  70. I have Absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
  71. Hello back again
  72. Can't Run Multiple Accounts
  73. How to get Java (for RS) to install for browsers under WINE?
  74. DTM for 07 Broken?
  75. 07 smart client
  76. Simba fully setup VM (download with a tut)
  77. Make Simba Play a sound?
  78. i cant seem to get simba to work
  79. Simba will not open smart for me.
  80. Quick Question Please help
  81. Need a little bit of help.
  82. Error Loading SMART 8
  83. I can not get MSI to open runescape on simba
  84. Need help with Simba willing to pay
  85. Need help for my final step.
  86. Loading 07 instead of EoC
  87. RS07 low detail
  88. need help please
  89. Help?
  90. How to force SMART to use Java 6
  91. [Help] Invalid number of parameters at line 292
  92. New to this kinda thing...
  93. SMART working, Seems to be failing to load up.
  94. Running Simba on Ubuntu troubles
  95. lagging and ''back to smart'' problem
  96. Need quick help i have a problem and don't know how to solve it
  97. Game randomly disconnects?
  98. Help please
  99. [Help request] Running a script [ I have no errors]
  100. Simba installing helper
  101. Gui help?!
  102. [SIMPLE] How to make SMART load/run faster
  103. I'm stuck 'Expected assignment'
  104. Picking up charms?
  105. Help me:)!
  106. Help =]=]=]=]
  107. Anti Leech?
  108. Help Please
  109. SRL Compiled in 0 msec ** Smart Cannot Spawn Clients ** Successfully executed.
  110. Need help setting up simba bot and for old school rs please
  111. Why am I taken to normal Runescape?
  112. 07 RS SImba
  113. Simba Opening Issues
  114. Noobie lookin for some help setting up. MSI Temp closed?
  115. Help {$Define SMART8} {$i srl/srI.simba} {$i PO7Include.simba}
  116. is ('=') expected at line 6 Compiling failed.
  117. [Error] C:\Simba\Includes\SRL/SRL/core/simba.simba(462:14): Unknown identifier
  118. Need Help Setting Up. I Have some errors occurring can anyone help me?
  119. All of my scripts were working fine this morning until
  120. Compiling failed - Unknown identifier 'MMouse' at line 56 - 07Scape
  121. help this error while P07
  122. Progress reports
  123. Error in SmartGraphics when trying to run old school scripts. Please help.
  124. Is simba working right now?
  125. Runescape OSR scripting gotchas & pointers
  126. [Error] Unknown identifier ''
  127. Problem running Simba ("Imagesetclientarea")
  128. OldRS Simba Issue
  129. The following DTMs were not freed: [0, 1, 2, 3]
  130. SMART wont launch?
  131. Simba wont work Tried Everything
  132. Obtaining Monster Color and Loot Color ID's?
  133. Need help running an Old School Agility script!!
  134. Switching Worlds?
  135. Changing oldschool runescape graphics
  136. Srl osr
  137. Most scripts wont load
  138. Too many nested include files while processing?
  139. Paying to set up Simba for me
  140. After Update, Wont Work
  141. Help setting up simba for 07.
  142. Mouse error
  143. First time, MSI error?
  144. Bot was working fine but then error with mouse.simba
  145. Smart Opens EOC after having opened 07 for weeks?
  146. [Help] Invalid number of parameters at line 292
  147. What does this mean?
  148. osr help paying 07 gp !!!!!
  149. OMG this comes up?
  150. Shilo Village Fishing Bot
  151. Smart 8 showing white screen, login audio still works, help appreciated.
  152. Set up Simba for me?
  153. error message please help
  154. set up 07 smart
  155. help setting client
  156. ObjectDTM's And their issues...
  157. Compiling error need help!
  158. No scripts starts.
  159. error while installing SMART 8.0
  160. I've tried it all (Or so I think)
  161. 07 Help
  162. new user needs help looked through all faqs and other posts HELP!
  163. help with error line plz
  164. First time - In need of help
  165. Reinstalled simba, this comes up?
  166. i think i need some bigg help with this
  167. New botter struggling! HELP NEEDED:C
  168. Needs some help with this simba (first time)
  169. Can anyone help me out?
  170. It's probably something stupid but need help..
  171. Unkown identifier 'SRL_Savepath' at line 118 Compiling failed.
  172. Script won't connect to SMART or even rs 07 without smart help.
  173. trying to bot 07, opens smart for RS EOC
  174. Looping a bot?
  175. does SIMBA Colour Bot still work if site is offline?
  176. Stupid question, but do codes vary in different runescape private severs?
  177. How do i make the bot stay for 6 hours+ without like disconnecting or anything?
  178. Simba Update stops at 79%
  179. Cannot Spawn Clients Error
  180. Duplicate identifier 'P07_GETUPTEXT'
  181. Getting error when trying to run ineedbot's Fishing
  182. Srl-osr?
  183. Need help ERROR when follow BenLands tutorial need help!!
  184. Help? I cant run simba even after updating includes
  185. Please help me when following BenLands tut
  186. p07 char error please help
  187. All Old School Scripts Start Smart With EOC?
  188. srl-osr help
  189. Please help!!
  190. Need help with clicking lol
  191. srl-osr help, I've done everything
  192. getting this error..
  193. Need Help With the 07 Simba!
  194. Not able to get any scripts to work
  195. SRL-OSR/SRL/misc/MouseHandler.simba
  196. How do i add scripts/account for rs07
  197. error msg!plz help
  198. SmartParams Error?
  199. Problem trying to start [07] AIO Fighter Release [0.2]
  200. Bitmap 0 wasn't released
  201. [RS07]AutoCurser problem running script
  202. Error while loading SMART
  203. Problem with simplefightcave
  204. problem starting up
  205. PLEASE HELP. Left click is producing right click results in Java apps
  206. Unable to find file 'P07Include .simba(example) HHEEEELPPP!
  207. Compiling failed wtf?
  208. Please help, not sure what's wrong...
  209. Srl-osr
  210. Setting up Simba for OSRS [Compilation of guides][07
  211. Simba Client White
  212. i keep getting invalid number of parameters help?
  213. had a parameters error one fixed now i have this ...
  214. Help with this rs 07 bot? DMTs not freed?
  215. Oldschool rs client laggy
  216. ORS How do I start the Script?
  217. Help please .. simple issue im sure
  218. Pausing the script and taking control of the mouse
  219. Manual update files for extensions\olugins?
  220. Please help
  221. help with simple fightcave please
  222. All scripts broken?
  223. Multiple Accounts
  224. Trojan..
  225. 07Scape stops loading before Login!?
  226. need help running Simba in 07 (teamviewer)
  227. osrs 2007scape, cant find any scripts that will work! help!
  228. Help please, Lots of errors!
  229. Can anyone join me in a skype call or leave a comment? i need help!
  230. It saying their is a font update
  231. Help Please
  232. Simba on Mac? help
  233. Mx1000's Working Fight Caves Script! - Smart, 07 compatible
  234. White Screen when loading Smart
  235. This started happening.
  236. [quick question] Where do I put the SRL-OSR folder?
  237. White Srceen Help!
  238. [Error] C:\Simba\Includes\SRL-OSR/SRL/misc/SmartParams.Simba(229:203):
  239. how do i run scripts?
  240. How to make Smart not pop-up all the time while botting?
  241. Keep getting the same error. Need Help
  242. please help me msi development
  243. Can't lunch Smart because of SmartParams...
  244. Cant get past Extension.sex
  245. Looking For GOOD Windows VPS
  246. please help!
  247. Unknown Identifer - UpChars
  248. Script has been playing up. Has an edit been done to the "Mouse" function?
  249. Help setting up for 07 V_V
  250. need a little help