View Full Version : OSR Beginner Scripting Tutorials

  1. A brief lesson on fixing annoying errors :P
  2. Basic Color Finding
  3. Static Arrays!!!!
  4. Guide on the Many Statements in Simba!
  5. Script down your first rs tree!
  6. Procedures & Functions
  7. In Depth Guides - Banking
  8. THE Beginner's Simba Tutorial
  9. SRL/Simba Standards (with examples)
  10. How to Pick Colors (and use with forms) w/ pics
  11. Scripting Tutorial #3: Using Auto Color Aid (ACA)! VERY USEFUL!
  12. [TuT]Using Pixelshift for animation
  13. How To Create a SPS Map. [World Map Veiw]
  14. [Tut] Create an on screen Progress Report
  15. Your first, simple script!
  16. How to use SRL's Random Tool in a script
  17. [Tutorial] Scripting for other things besides Runescape with Simba
  18. How to Free DTM/Bitmap's the correct way
  19. RadialWalk: Explained
  20. Progress Report: Explained
  21. This is the TUTORIAL section, NOT scripting help!
  22. [TUT]Using Equipped Items[TUT]
  23. Making your first Script!
  24. Antiban: Explained
  25. Glossary of terms used in SRL
  26. Coordinate changes and fixing any scripts (including non-RS) for simba 991
  27. The making of your first script.
  28. Programming level: Pascal!
  29. Programming level: Pascal - Medium!
  30. A tutorial for Parameter types
  31. Making your first script - Step by step
  32. Video: Cohen's THE Beginners Tutorial [By YoHoJo]
  33. DTM for HERBLORE
  34. How to script for a RSPS - Beginner level
  35. How to make a 'Status' for your script!
  36. Guide to having perfect standards!
  37. Guide to checking if your in a area
  38. How to get SRL-OSR working
  39. Noob guide to using MMToMS
  40. Scripting Resources
  41. Having fun with Arrays!
  42. HELP! My Simba Won't Open the Right Smart! [EOC / OSR]
  43. How to use random solvers in OSR
  44. Custom Item, Button, etc. Clicking Using FindColorTolerance
  45. How to use message box's and Input Query's!
  46. How to make a perfect script (Planning stage)
  47. How to Recover Script After a Crash
  48. How to make a function return multiple results!
  49. [OSR][Reflection]Basic Scripting and Setup Guide
  50. Drawing in SMART, TPAs, and More For Beginners! (Old School)
  51. [Reflection][Lape]Basic Reflection Include Tutorial
  52. [Lape Reflection] HowTo: Find area's with changing coords.
  53. AeroLib - Core functionality
  54. [Aerolib] Creating your first script
  55. [Aerolib] Creating and using items
  56. [AeroLib] Grand Exchange
  57. [Aerolib] Useful functions
  58. Find objects with SRL & RSWalker
  59. AeroLib - Interacting with the game interface
  60. [SRL] The core of colorfinding
  61. [SRL]How To Write Your First Script: Collecting and Banking Cabbages!
  62. Cant click in window.
  63. [SRL] Finding Objects Accurately With RSWalker
  64. [OSR]Drawing All Debugs - Seeing is Believing
  65. [SRL-OSR] Build a simple chopper & banker