View Full Version : OSR Intermediate Scripting Tutorials

  1. how to make a simple powerminer script
  2. A brief lesson on RadialWalk
  3. Yohojo's DTM Tut 1(Item finding with DTMs)
  4. How to create your first script
  5. DTM Tut by Starblaster100
  6. PhotoShop and Bitmap making for Scar.
  7. [scar] Fun with Bitmaps
  8. Using SRL...
  9. Bank Browsing- BlackLists
  10. Bank Browsing- BlackLists with Color
  11. Things the begginer tuts don't teach you.
  12. Variants
  13. UnRivaled Guide To Scripting
  14. Doors
  15. Using SRL In Your Script
  16. Taking apart a script (My willow chopper)
  17. [TUT] Learning the things it takes to become an SRL member!
  18. Adding Randoms And Antiban
  19. Adding SRL Stats To Your script.
  20. How to Make a Script
  21. Doors!
  22. [TUT] RadialWalk and RadialRoadWalk [TUT]
  23. AntiBan Tut
  24. Adding MultiPlayer
  25. Using the Player Array
  26. Runtime errors bully? Try - Except is the answer for your problems.
  27. Using an array as a function result
  28. Small xor tutorial.
  29. Goto / Label [Beginner - Intermediate]
  30. Making your first woodcutting script.
  31. PowerCutter Tutorial
  32. Advanced failsafe tutorial(for noobs and leet scripters alike)
  33. RadialWalk for beginners
  34. Arrays ~ Great for saving time
  35. Types, Arrays, and Classes
  36. Map Walking - The Basics to the Advanced
  37. How to bank By rikjess.
  38. A Brief Tutorial On FindObjCustom
  39. AntiRandoms and AntiBan Guide
  40. RadialWalk | Easy-To-Understand
  41. PLM's how to make a simple power miner tut useing srl!
  42. DTM Tutorial Basics
  43. A guide to the noteworthy “WalkPath(0);”
  44. The Failsafe Tutorial
  45. [Tut] MouseBox(x1,y1,x2,y2,Click);
  46. A Guide to Chopping & Banking
  47. How to use AutoColorThis
  48. Updated Guide to Making a PowerMiner
  49. Making a Woodcutter!
  50. Total Scripting Technique Tutorial
  51. All about ini Files
  52. [Easy] Pics on Forms!
  53. DTM's
  54. How To Make A Flawless Script!!!
  55. Variants and TVariantArrays!
  56. Arrays!
  57. Failsafes
  58. Complete pictionary guide to DTMs and DDTMs.
  59. Guide to Debugging!
  60. Booleans[Or,Xor,Not,>,<,=]
  61. Ultimate Noob Tut
  62. DTMs For Dummies
  63. How To Make Easy DDTM's!
  64. How to make an autotalker with smart, proggy, antiban and more!
  65. Text Grabbing/Finding - By Naum
  66. Uploading proggy to SRL stats
  67. A Waddo style DTM tut
  68. The Beauty of FindObjCustom
  69. Complete DDTM Walking Tutorial.
  70. Writing Functions With Math
  71. All About Inc and IncEx - NaumanAkhlaQ
  72. All-Proof - Understanding Variant/TVariantArray
  73. Making an Mini-map DTMs!
  74. Banking in SRL
  75. How to Make a Version Checker in SCAR
  76. Failsafes
  77. A SRL Usefull Function Guide
  78. A List Of All String Functions in SCAR ~ Naum
  79. Auto Responders
  80. How To Make A Simple PowerMiner
  81. A Breakdown my PowerCutter
  82. How to make a detailed progress report!
  83. Scripting: Starting a Step Ahead
  84. The Logical Next Player Process
  85. Auto Responding: How to in 5s
  86. The correct way to find randoms
  87. A note on ScriptTerminate;
  88. Online News to your script
  89. WriteINI(), ReadINI() tutorial
  90. The nubs guide to AutoColoring
  91. Correctly Creating/Using a DDTM
  92. Creating Your First Auto Miner!
  93. Ord.
  94. How to create a version checker
  95. Ultimate Bitmap Tutorial!
  96. How to set up a script
  97. DTMs For Noobies - By R1ch
  98. a little usefull function: readln
  99. Understanding SCAR's Ouput Functions
  100. Timing.scar Tutorial
  101. DDTM Walking With Your Own TPAs
  102. [EASY]Road Walking for the beginner
  103. How to Use Radial Walking!
  104. How to Find Items Using DTMs!
  105. Fun With Booleans!
  106. Banking with SRL
  107. Increasing Function Tutorial
  108. All About Banking!
  109. The importance of marks in failsafes
  110. A tutorial to New Auto Color
  111. How to add colors to NewAutoColor.scar
  112. Make your own Fletcher script !
  113. Preparing to write a script - What needs done first
  114. Adding SRL Stats to your script
  115. Creating your own font set for Simba
  116. Tips To improve your Script
  117. The guide/handbook to the usefull procedures and functions of SRL
  118. Timing
  119. Map Walking - Different Approach
  120. Debugging memory leaks
  121. How to add SRL Stats to your script
  122. Creating Accurate DTMs
  123. YoHoJo DTM VIDEO Tutorial! (Find objects in inventory etc on Runescape!)
  124. Defines
  125. How to add Auto Updating to Your Script
  126. Auto Updater and Git
  127. [Request] How to SPS Walk
  128. Object DTMs: A Comprehensive Set of Tutorials
  129. Creating and using a DDTM Anchor.
  130. RatKiller: A Making of
  131. Adding a Break Procedure
  132. Tutorial - How to find Moving NPC/Monster
  133. [Tut] Using Custom Errors
  134. Demise DTM Tutorial
  135. How to Create a Progress Report(Proggy)
  136. [Walking] Utilising ObjectDTM's
  137. How to make and use Custom SPS Maps from the Minimap
  138. Script RPG Template
  139. Using a testing branch for git
  140. Talking To NPC
  141. Creating Custom SPS MiniMap Maps Using Photoshop + Using Them
  142. Bitmap Tutorial (For Finding Items In Inventory + Bank) + Implementing Into A Script
  143. TPointArrays: Explained[TPAs]
  144. save/load overall statistic of the script work to inifile
  145. RuneGlider Data Collectors 14min Beginner Video Tutorial, Collecting Map Symbol DTMS
  146. Walking in Chaos tunnel help!
  147. The master color tutorial, all you need to know about colors.
  148. Using Simple CTS2/TPA's
  149. Simba Forms Tutorial
  150. Intermediate TPA Usage
  151. Database Tutorial - Part 1
  152. The form with tabs in your script. How To.
  153. Surfaces! - Accurate way of locating objects in RuneScape.
  154. Fighting Help
  155. How to write a log to a .txt file!
  156. A video guide to DDTM walking!
  157. The Concise Forms and Saved Settings Tutorial
  158. LAPE Basics and modifications [Guide/Tut]
  159. [SMART] Adding Paint to your script
  160. MicroPaint (BotWatch™)
  161. How to script for a RSPS -Intermediate level
  162. Interactive Progress Reports/Scripts
  163. How to Create Your Own Custom Include Functions!
  164. [SIMBA1.3][OSR] Boilerplate Introduction + Multiplayer Support
  165. [SIMBA1.3][OSR] Creating Your Own Antiban Tasks