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  1. How to use forms in SCAR effectively
  2. Auto coloring + DTM tut
  3. Creating a Form Tutorial by Starblaster100
  4. Everything About Canvases
  5. Forms TMainMenu tutorial
  6. Forms TTimer tutorial
  7. Form TPopupMenu tutorial
  8. Forms TScrollBar tutorial
  9. TStringList Tutorial (Explanation + Example)
  10. Array in an array...
  11. [TUT] Ultimate Form Guide [TUT]
  12. [Tut] Form during script runtime
  13. TScrollBox Form Component In Scar by Ron
  14. HSL tutorial
  15. Hue/Saturation/Luminance
  16. Tutorial to make a Browse Button (TOpenDialog)
  17. Small Tut. (ColorToleranceSpeed)
  18. How to make Dynamic DTM's with DIVI.
  19. How to Make a Form Without a Title Bar
  20. Complete forms tutorial
  21. Place a Canvas on SpeedButton And TForm
  22. Canvas on TMainMenu and TPopUp List!!
  23. Importing C/C++ functions into SCAR
  24. Understanding and using TPoint/TPointArray
  25. [Discussion]Coding efficiency?
  26. C++ Plugins!
  27. Multiplayer in forms.
  28. Adding Tabs To Forms
  29. Very simple password protection
  30. How to use tags in forms!
  31. Make a form with a special shape! Circle etc..
  32. Using the command goto in a script.
  33. [Forms] how to pick colors (TColorPicker)
  34. Introduction/Explanation of XYZ color. ( > 500KB)
  35. Introduction/Explanation of HSL color/Edge finding starter.
  36. Introduction/Explanation of RGB color + AutoColoring with RGB!
  37. Ultimate form tutorial
  38. Unknown\unusual things in SCAR!
  39. Bitwise operations
  40. The Jist on TVariantArrays.
  41. Complete Form Tutorial
  42. Creating your own MMouse... Bezier Spline
  43. Using RGB & Hexadecimal
  44. The Almighty TPA Tutorial
  45. Understanding sin, cos, and tan. (And the other 3)
  46. Trigonometry 101 - Tutorial on Basic Trig Concepts to Help the Advanced Scripter
  47. Learn Function Senders
  48. Save and Open commands.
  49. Putting Images on Formz! (and some other cool stuff)
  50. Trigonometry 303
  51. Quick Tut on Debug Box manipulation
  52. Forms Using only TImages (No Buttons, etc.)
  53. ObjectFinding using TPointArrays
  54. Making BMP/Universal power of BMPs/How to use BMPs
  55. One way to debug memory leaks
  56. Colortolerancespeed2modifiers
  57. Function and Procedure 'variables'.
  58. TPA's explained.
  59. Code your own SRL Stats - 4/5/6 part series
  60. Newbie Form Tutorial
  61. [TUT] Tabs on Forms [/TUT]
  62. Adding a PopUp Menu
  63. INI writing/reading/deleteing
  64. Using Almighty TPA's for object finding
  65. How to make an Auto Login Script
  66. Autocoloring with RGB,HSL and XYZ!
  67. So you want to make a game using Scar?
  68. Autocoloring / Object finding using TAutoColorInfo(TAI).
  69. How to design Autocolor Functions (Along with examples and tools!)
  70. TPAs For Dummies
  71. In-depth Bitwise Operators.
  72. Making a Form Full-Screen (Small Tutorial)
  73. How To Make A Game In SCAR! *advanced ?
  74. Custom TPA Finding & ColorToleranceSpeed(2) Modifiers!
  75. [Tut]Making your OWN includes![Tut]
  76. Grouping TPA's
  77. A list of "most common" TNotifyEvents in SCAR Forms!
  78. How To Add Music To Your Script.
  79. TPoint - TPA's - The Basic's
  80. The Form Tutorial
  81. using {$Define }
  82. C plugins for scar
  83. How to make a Form in a dll and Load it into SCAR
  84. [TUT]Picking Colors for TPointArrays
  85. A list of common Types in SCAR - Plus making your own!!
  86. ColorToleranceSpeed and XYZ
  87. Drawing 3D Objects in SCAR
  88. How to make plugins for SCAR (Delphi)
  89. [TUT] Forms: TProgressBars
  90. THE big form tutorial ~ by MK
  91. TImages and TDialogs
  92. Bitflags.
  93. Detailed TPA and ATPA tutorial
  94. A - Z on Failsafes!
  95. Introduction to Method Pointers
  96. TEvents (Apart from TNotifyEvent)
  97. Records, Types, and Psuedo-OOP
  98. Uses of TPA walking
  99. Guide to tpas, and how to use them!
  100. TPA walking
  101. Unique, Simple, and effective color finding with TPA's
  102. A low down on WizzyPlugin and TPA's
  103. mc_teo's Game Making Tutorial
  104. What are TPointArrays(TPA's) and Some Functions & Procedures to Use 'Em With!
  105. Multithreading with Timer
  106. Make your own Scar
  107. Tutorial: Bitwise Operations
  108. FSM style Mainloop
  109. How to create a plugin for Simba
  110. Filtering Runescape Uptext
  111. C Plugins
  112. The master CTS tutorial!
  113. Bitwise Operations and Practical Uses
  114. Functional Programming in Simba Scripts
  115. How to make live stats images for your scripts
  116. How to make live stats images for your scripts
  117. Text Messaging
  118. Multi Dimensional Arrays !!! - 1st Full tutorial
  119. A lot About Lape..
  120. A lot about using TFileStream in LaPe. Reading and Writing your custom files.
  121. All about using pointers in Lape
  122. How to execute commands using Simba & Lape.
  123. Smart on browser