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  1. Blue Dragon's Melee Requirments
  2. OSR Dead
  3. 2 day ban... what do
  4. How do people manage over 10h
  5. Massive Slayer/AIO fighter project
  6. What happened to all the scripts?
  7. Best method to drop logs
  8. Punkd's YouJustGotCrafted AIO
  9. Threads in the Script Section
  10. Need a new auto login for PVP worlds
  11. free to play coming to osrs
  12. OSR Randoms and srl...
  13. How is botting ATM?
  14. Finally got the ban hammer
  15. DTM's
  16. I dun fucked up
  17. Fed up with injection/reflection bots! Time to learn SIMBA COLOR!!
  18. World switching function?
  19. Probably them best money making tactic (osrs)
  20. I read somewhere that... (bot watch list)
  21. Bot heat maps and places to watch out for
  22. Hi there guys, need a little help.
  23. What are the differences between pasalscript and Lape?
  24. Using scripts last updated over a year ago
  25. Any methods of 99 range using hoodz fighter.[color version]
  26. Help!!!
  27. Got hacked
  28. NMZ Max points ?
  29. Jagex removing randoms from OSR poll
  30. Ban Rate for Color/Reflection scripts
  31. Multiple Clients
  32. got banned
  33. Outdated hooks?
  34. having color autofighter trouble
  35. Randoms now optional
  36. Reflection health functions are returning wrong values
  37. Come back after two years...
  38. Help me make the worlds best NMZ script..
  39. Reflection Scripts?
  40. what is the best 07 Blue dragon killer atm?
  41. Oh great, another "How's the botting scene currently look" Thread
  42. [NOOB] Simba vs everything else
  43. Opinion on Grand Exchange in OS?!
  44. load simba on osbuddy/orion?
  45. IRL Tutorial Island - Would you watch this series?
  46. Combat bot ban rates?
  47. Use Color or Reflection?
  48. [Suggestion for scripters] outside chat integration with possible autoresponses
  49. Where does one find a decent abyss script?
  50. Windows cannot find java.exe - Happens on any script
  51. osrs anti cheat
  52. Desert Treasure
  53. Accounts IP setup
  54. [Help] site with OSR GE prices.
  55. How does Jagex find and ban bots?
  56. Someone help me setup simba oldschool?
  57. Has your legit acc ever been banned?
  58. INeedBot's AIO Fish 11 hour Proggy
  59. Working bots
  60. Windows cannot find 'java.exe'...
  61. Small Pyramid Plunder Proggy
  62. Alching Prices
  63. Trouble with connections today?
  64. Runecrafting Abyss Progress!
  65. WORLD [85] & [86] Bot Analysis
  66. My 3 months of scripting on SRL Forums
  67. Minimap Changes 4/06/2015
  68. OSRS Client sizes
  69. Runescape World Parameters (Pyramid plunder)
  70. Good idea to create Rogue's den cooker?
  71. OSRS working ?
  72. 2 bot banning mods are trained up
  73. Money making methods.
  74. Simba vs TopBot (for learning to code)
  75. Deadman mode botting?
  76. Mining scripts
  77. How do you all train magic?
  78. Botting on main
  79. Simba Reflection vs other Reflection
  80. Money madness 2 for pure?
  81. New Account Sequence
  82. Do they track mouse movements on OSRS?
  83. How long after i stop botting...
  84. Where are all the good scripts? I want some good scripts!
  85. Making your level 3's not look like bots?
  86. OSRS: How do you play?
  87. Jagex Bans AHK - Implications for Simba?
  88. Somewhere to start
  89. Is botting still alive?
  90. How do other bots interact with the official OSRS client?
  91. Polosaurus made a simba tutorial on youtube.
  92. Autoclicking on osrs
  93. OSRS Screenshot Thread
  94. Looking for a Scripting partener
  95. Interesting effects when manipulating player position in OSRS.
  96. OSRS Updates
  97. Color Tutorial Island Solver
  98. What Happened?
  99. help with scripting
  100. started using powerbot for ease of setup
  101. runescape map
  102. OSRS Mouse Tracking Exposed