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  1. Drawn Proggy
  2. emailmarker
  3. What are some banking methods?
  4. Color detection help
  5. Reverting Simba Problem
  6. MOUSE_LEFT and Error
  7. Exception in Script: Invalid evaluation
  8. Click on color settings
  9. WANTED: Huge SPS map
  10. SPS Map creation problems
  11. Thinks player is not logged in
  12. System time function?
  13. Detecting on Screen Text
  14. [Resolved] SRL Events
  15. Issues with SPS Positioning
  16. SPS Fun Times
  17. First script help
  18. TBox Function not properly working?
  19. IRC channel
  20. cant find srl player manager
  21. need a little help
  22. ban rate?
  23. First Script-In-Progress
  24. is there a built-in function to press space?
  25. Help making a better way to find a moving NPC
  26. Running SMART through a proxy?
  27. Combat Script
  28. Split screen into tiles
  29. Running a script in openGL vs directX
  30. Fun with function pointers
  31. Priffdinas SPS Map
  32. Question on Simba set-up (SRL-6 folder missing)
  33. Unknown declaration help
  34. Slow sps map problem
  35. Error Help pls
  36. Is this a bug?
  37. Nooby question
  38. Is this syntax correct?
  39. Is there a SRL function or procedure for chat tabs?
  40. Need help with most basic thing ever.
  41. Question about ACA (sorta)
  42. Help with gathering data.
  43. can't seem to spawn a SMART client
  44. Divination Screen
  45. How do I start?
  46. Elf Agility Course
  47. Why am I suddenly getting this error?
  48. First Combat Script
  49. simple and silly
  50. lumbridge smelter
  51. Long wait time after bankScreen.open
  52. Question -
  53. How to script through so many non-unique colors?
  54. wait time between inputting login and password
  55. I keep getting banned after a few hours.
  56. What keeps you going after so many failures...
  57. Mode
  58. Forms, native, sync
  59. Problem with player manager
  60. Mini-map Issues?
  61. How to create SPS Bitmaps?
  62. How to get the GE price of certain item?
  63. Drop Procedure Using Actionbar?
  64. How to move an item from Backpack to Actionbar?
  65. TTimeMarker question
  66. Walking in AlKharid
  67. How to do something similar to this?
  68. SPS minimap problems
  69. Having trouble displaying a proggy from BitmapFromString...
  70. Banking Issue
  71. Getting errors just from very simple code from a begginer tutorial
  72. typeSend Help.
  73. learning and creating script as i go through all the tutorial....
  74. ATPA Debugging, and ignoring areas with less than X matched TPoints
  75. Need help detecting item in inventory.
  76. Help with productionScreen
  77. Script failing to launch - Bitmaps not freed (SMART debug image)
  78. {$f-} directive
  79. Stuck in ---- Waiting while the player is moving...
  80. random() vs gaussRandom()
  81. Lagg detection?
  82. Something in my function is causing Simba to close
  83. Do the math
  84. Trying to create my first script, compiling results in: Error: Block expected
  85. How to incorporate an "and" to a if not then statement?
  86. player Manager using facebook need help
  87. Run a script in RS Official Client
  88. Getting an error when running Lumb Smelter
  89. openGL botting?
  90. Need help implementing looter into fighter
  91. ATPA/Smart Image help
  92. [LAPE] variantInvoke with object.function
  93. How should I go about clicking every inventory slot?
  94. Login problem?
  95. Mouse to bank chest/booth
  96. How could I activate action bar then click same slot for every item in backpack?
  97. How to reset a local variable in a loop?
  98. Need a little help
  99. Using break;
  100. Keeping player within a tbox
  101. SRL-6 Scripting Timers?
  102. Best way to find NPC
  103. Adding multiplayer
  104. SPS Walking
  105. findObject
  106. Ashaman salamander
  107. Finding colors within a a specified distance of a ATPA?
  108. Best way to capture level up
  109. Need a bit of help with setting up multiple smart windows.
  110. Issues with chosing a members world and replaying after the 6h limit.
  111. Wait until help
  112. help with mouse over text.
  113. Error Help Pls
  114. Cant seem to get it to stop detecting stumps
  115. [Lape] Can you load plugin from external path?
  116. EAccessViolation
  117. Smart won't load in OpenGl
  118. First timer - Need some basic help.
  119. Help with Ultimate abilities
  120. rotating to find objects
  121. ALT+TAB and SMART
  122. Can't seem to include a wait after a procedure
  123. How to make it not repeat a single procedure
  124. Drinking potions and making the script work more than once.
  125. How to repeat Procedure if something is not found
  126. SMART Crashing in DirectX mode
  127. incorporating banking and the player form
  128. Filtering points from an irregularly-shaped area
  129. If Else not working for me.
  130. TBox Question
  131. If Else not cooperating
  132. Wait up for 5 minutes for the rs client to run.
  133. Mainloop sequence question
  134. Includes?
  135. SPS mapping
  136. Help on ATPA clicking
  137. Simba and Wine - SMART plugins fail to load
  138. Lodestone Failsafe
  139. Basic Looter Implementation
  140. [SRL-6] new equivalents of old functions
  141. [SRL-6] Problem with backpack
  142. Cant create file
  143. Player Army Does Not Save
  144. Detecting Summoning Familiar?
  145. Smart Loads but scripts won't run
  146. backpackTab.IsFull not working
  147. I need help making a fail safe for this
  148. Simba still calling wrong java path
  149. Is there a function to close extra, settings and power interfaces?
  150. Help! I cant get this error to stop!
  151. Waiting until certain inventory conditions are met
  152. grandExchange API not working
  153. [LAPE] Casting to Pointer, syntax
  154. [Lape] "or" in case statements
  155. TPointArray Troubles
  156. Variables into a file
  157. Basic Question
  158. Getting some problems :/
  159. [LAPE] Memory leak, help!
  160. Need help with my first script
  161. mouseoffclient question
  162. How to get the current position of selected client
  163. Spam RS Tabs from Lobby
  164. SPS no longer working?
  165. Help me! Failed to spawn a smart client
  166. Setting Java Path
  167. RS3 scripts and SRL member
  168. [OGL] Scripts not running...
  169. Working on first Simba Script - A few questions regarding drops.
  170. What does this error mean?
  171. Error: Found unexpected token "else", expected "End" at line 53
  172. Newbie: error
  173. How to find a fishing spot?
  174. [OGL] cleaning up Loot script
  175. using Tbox.isPointInside
  176. Java files
  177. Fleshing out a Cosmic Rune Crafter
  178. Progress Report - Error: Invalid floating point operation
  179. Errro compiling. Was srl updated?
  180. Sudo Code/newbi in programming.
  181. SPS problem after a break
  182. I'm having some issues.
  183. Way to add a constant to differentiate between procedures?
  184. [OGL] Access Violation
  185. Black Minimap Kills Pathfinding - Fix?
  186. Making a function to determine if death accured or not?
  187. upCharsEx does not seem to detect text in the right click menu all the time.
  188. Is anyone good at grabbing colors? Having some isssues.
  189. Error: Unknown declaration "Models"...Compiling failed.
  190. Function to close bot warning?
  191. Code not repeating as intended?
  192. help with adding typing procedure on lape
  193. Compiling failed
  194. chatbox.getChatArea returns wrong TBox
  195. What's the error margin on SPS?
  196. Is it possible to load multiple SPS maps at once?
  197. Help me find my mistake please.
  198. Error spawning SCAR
  199. Travelling in ogLib
  200. Help with simple question?
  201. Small problem with if then
  202. [OGL] Sending Enter Key
  203. Trouble Setting Up a Successful Paint
  204. Setting up a drop procedure
  205. Multiple simba isntances
  206. Reading the XP counter or part of SRL-6 include in ogLib
  207. Using aca and findColorSpiral
  208. Unchanged SPS path no longer works.
  209. Built In Functions
  210. Spam clicking APTA
  211. Can't get into direct-x
  212. Player form crashing simba
  213. script not seeing inventory
  214. DTM randomly quits working
  215. Screen and map angles not setting correctly
  216. Am i doing this right?
  217. Give me problems to work on!
  218. Loot Screen Question
  219. SPS problem
  220. New to botting
  221. Quick question
  222. Better solution to finding cave exit?
  223. Simulate the Pressing of Spacebar?
  224. Clicking on moving objects (NPCs)
  225. Need some help to start
  226. Help troubleshooting script?
  227. Withdrawing amulet of glory with charge
  228. Withdrawing Preset Items After SPS Update - Error
  229. Wait Times
  230. isMouseOverText going crazy
  231. How To Close Gear Screen? Failsafe for new graphics effecting presets.
  232. How To Fix Position Of Character So Not Chance Of Moving
  233. Locating and clicking moving NPC with the modified humanWindMouse?
  234. Probably an easy problem...
  236. exitTreasure works...sometimes
  237. Will not wait for progressScreen to be gone
  238. Runescape auto setup graphics
  239. Smart Path Error
  240. Cannot load SMART after installing SMARTv8.1 and Simba
  241. Walking procedure OGL
  242. bmp error
  243. FATAL ERROR: smartSetupDrawing
  244. declare players rewrite
  245. mmouse error
  246. script says trying to start client, and after 5 minutes terminates
  247. Help with some code
  248. Function vs Procedure?
  249. Question regarding Inc
  250. Need assistance in getting a result?