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  1. Exception in Script: File "SRL-6/SRL.simba" not found at line 3, column 5
  2. Program exception! when using player manager
  3. FATAL ERROR: Failed to spawn a SMART client
  4. summoning include help
  5. "access violation" SRL error[Please help]
  6. playerPoint vs centerPoint
  7. Waiting up to 5 minutes....
  8. Unable to log in, stuck at the play/world selection screen
  9. TBox to TPA?
  10. More colors
  11. GetchooseOptions not working..
  12. MMouse, and any other mouse procedure running slow.
  13. hi all
  14. [Resolved] Runtime error: "Access violation"
  15. Reading the exp counter
  16. Why is this happening?
  17. how come it dose this
  18. Problem with chooseOption._select
  19. Too many parameters
  20. Problems with SPS
  21. Help with Reoccuring SCRIPT problem!
  22. Can't enable opengl
  23. Simba is not including the file or something?
  24. General Tips.
  25. How do I spawn a new SMART regardless of there being a free client?
  26. Enabling/disabling the debug messages from within SRL 6 itself?
  27. In Fight Detection
  28. Painting on SMART
  29. Help would be greatly appreciated
  30. Find Object function
  31. Need help finding this text
  32. Form tutorial?
  33. Help with looting
  34. Help with SPS
  35. Overall Script Issues
  36. SRL fails to detect whether the bankscreen is open or not
  37. Multiple Timers?
  38. AntiBans, Randoms, Newbie Questions :)
  39. Finding 2+ colors near by each other
  40. Need a good SPS tutorial
  41. Smart going white on enable debug, can't draw on smart
  42. SPS Problems
  43. SPS Pathing Randomness
  44. SPS - Where am I functions?
  45. Result := _______ - how do I do these?
  46. Help Running Scripts
  47. Click specific area of TPA?
  48. [Resolved] Mining Script minor Issue
  49. Simba crosshairs
  50. Player performing action function
  51. Modify DTM at runtime?
  52. recognise numbers?
  53. I need a good refresher on how to do stuff RS3 scripting
  54. How to reset ATPA debug?
  55. ProductionScreen
  56. Help with Sps.WalkPath bailing our early
  57. Getting reliable DTMs of inventory items
  58. Interacting with inventory side screen of bank screen?
  59. Weird infinite loop, can't find the cause of it
  60. get to grips with srl 6
  61. OpenGL not working with F2P
  62. Compiling issue, Help with my first script since returning to the interwebs
  63. DTMs were not freed
  64. Thieving script help
  65. I keep getting "Access violation" error
  66. [Resolved] How does getMinimapDotsIn work?
  67. Looting function only loots the first index
  68. hi all
  69. [Resolved] Finding text in chatbox function
  70. [Resolved] Need help with progress report on 6 hour reset
  71. [Resolved] chooseOption.select
  72. SMART won't load
  73. GetPixelShiftAverage no longer works?
  74. [Resolved] How to fix 6 hour reset?
  75. bankScreen.withdraw
  76. Using a Tbox
  77. help please
  78. k so what broke
  79. CloseWindow for SRL-6?
  80. NPC Hover Detect
  81. RS3 Outdated / Broken Scripts
  82. Working on Script, Varrock Loadstone problem
  83. SPS mapping problem
  84. Returning to the Runescape Scene from 2004.
  85. Finding DTM perimeters
  86. Chatbox.findText and derivatives don't work
  87. Simba Drawing
  88. General text finding
  89. How do I free gametab bitmaps?
  90. KeyDown not working?
  91. radialWalk
  92. Banking at GE
  93. Multiple Accounts Question
  94. Simba on Ubuntu Question
  95. DirectX
  96. sps
  97. any tuts
  98. The heck is this?
  99. Need Someone to set up some linux vp's for me!!!
  100. Functions/procedures help for SRL6
  101. Correct usage of sixHourFix under SRL-6?
  102. Smart won't load
  103. Need help with Timers
  104. Need some help finishing off my script
  105. SPS not walking?
  106. I need help scripting to log into a specific world.
  107. BankScreen issues?
  108. Script just sitting at login?
  109. Clicking when found a certain color inside a TBOX?
  110. MouseOffClient help
  111. Running more than one of the same script
  112. Minimap bug not letting me SPS walk
  113. Need help with repeat function
  114. Right Click Hover Banker
  115. OpenGL
  116. Nothing happening...?
  117. Only Posting progress report...
  118. Why is time so hard to reset
  119. Script will no type password
  120. Simba Memory Leak
  121. sps no worky
  122. Need to borrow account with 70 thieiving and monkey madness
  123. How does tesseractGetText work?
  124. How to implement SQLite in a script?
  125. Why am i getting this error? - newbie
  126. Invalid evaluation?? Need help
  127. Newbie questions
  128. More accurate compass rotation?
  129. How to get a text properly and accurately?
  130. My script wont work. Please help.
  131. [LAPE] TRecord.Create and Self. problem
  132. [LAPE] WaitFunc in Lape - is it possible ?
  133. mouse(x, y, MOUSE LEFT) not clicking problem
  134. Question on keybinds.
  135. Another noob question.
  136. Nothing happens after SMART starts
  137. Returning an integer from a string?
  138. New "SMART_ClearCanvas"?
  139. [LAPE] TFontStyles issue
  140. Click only within the bound of a TPA?
  141. Selecting Specific area to search/click
  142. How do i stop my script from running out of the map?
  143. What happened to GetTimeFromMark(t);
  144. Why am i getting this error?
  145. Running Multiple Bots
  146. Removing comma from string
  147. Why Isn't my bot walking to sps coords?
  148. tabbackpack functions always open and close the tab, nothing else
  149. Adding to an array without specificying the index?
  150. Help with a function
  151. Subscribe button and bank pin
  152. Editing form help
  153. What operator is expected? Help newbie
  154. How do i keep my player in a certain area?
  155. SPS Error
  156. How to click biggest object first?
  157. Sps Walk isn't working.
  158. Access violation
  159. Toolscreen Access Violation
  160. Error with official getDensity function?
  161. How to use SMART Paint without Enable Debug
  162. openGL crash
  163. Weird behaviour
  164. Click Count?
  165. Money Pouch
  166. SRL-6 how to get it?
  167. help with script
  168. Can't run RS in openGL. tried updating java and setting path variables
  169. OpenGL issue
  170. help with smithing aio
  171. Creating tabs in forms
  172. Getting the amount of stackable items
  173. Need help with color!
  174. Help
  175. Starting my first script
  176. Smart starts with no errors but then does nothing, help.
  177. Refuses to work.
  178. not valid bounds
  179. SMART just farts around.
  180. Beginner Tutorial Problem
  181. SPS Help please :) Just started scripting :)
  182. SMART Debug Errors with DirectX and Opengl32 both running?
  183. Help me with SPS please.
  184. First script not working , error I don't understand
  185. How to tell how many of one item is in a bank slot?
  186. How to open Bank at GE
  187. worlds.simba OUTDATED?
  188. Things to goldfarm?
  189. adding breaks and antiban
  190. Simba stuck at waiting for RS to load
  191. Help With Letting Script Know It's Time To Bank And Summon Another Familiar
  192. AshamanFletcher, script starts but does nothing.
  193. How to start SMART in safemode?
  194. How to start the script.
  195. How to disable debug, also any tuts on how to add cool paint?
  196. What is the color search function when not using RS3?
  197. First Script ~ Quick question
  198. Problems calculating earned XP
  199. Lumbridge Gate Opener, how do I make one?
  200. Runescape Screen White/Black When trying to load/auto-setup
  201. Is this clicking code too bot-like?
  202. Why is my script not logging correctly?
  203. TBox not being clicked.
  204. Check current HP of Player
  205. Make the player rest
  206. Shortest possible way to write this function
  207. Getting a comma out of an integer
  208. Ending "Waiting while the player is moving..." early
  209. if or/and
  210. How do you declare global variables and set the value?
  211. How to change the name of a SMART window?
  212. How do you bot slayer?
  213. Instantaneous mouse movement
  214. Can someone help me understand what pixel shift is doing?
  215. script crash "access violation"
  216. QUESITON: Using wait, randomRange, and random as basic anti-ban
  217. "Failed setting CTS"
  218. How to delete a index in a array of record
  219. What are the lape equivalent of these classes?
  220. uptext gone at own script?
  221. Weird Access Violation
  222. Fight sequence ends too early
  223. World selection? Favorite world?
  224. Pack Smelting Times
  225. Request:Help. Differing between full inventory of item #1 or #2
  226. Detect NPC Speech Text
  227. "A new poll has been added! Click on the community button to vote now."
  228. SPS Path Generator
  229. Detect NPC Speech Text
  230. TBox to ATPA?
  231. Detect Summoning familiar
  232. Botting Help
  233. Gold Farm(help)
  234. Using sps.getPlayerPos() to look if you are standing at the right point?
  235. Function problem
  236. SPS Map Problems
  237. Help with my script
  238. Best method for walking a short distance?
  239. Tesseract Problem Reading Red Text
  240. Best way to find detect trees and only tree?
  241. If...then loop problems
  242. ERROR: **gaussian failed**
  243. Timer not working
  244. Clear up the debug?
  245. Detect red border message?
  246. How to run multiple clients?
  247. antifail for paths?
  248. Unable to enter dx/ogl mode for > 1 RS instances
  249. Using SRL6 in Safe Mode
  250. Why does SIMBA use so much memory?