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  1. Need one on one tutorial on how to make a basic rsps script
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  4. How do you set up this bot?
  5. Are you used to use bots on client or browser?
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  13. alotic bot theiving
  14. My scripts work for my friends not me? :[
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  16. Help with scripting
  17. is there any soulsplit fighter scripts that actualy work?
  18. RSPS Botting help?
  19. Changing the color of objects (trees)
  20. Rsps Drawbox
  21. Simple question
  22. Client modification
  23. Walk area
  24. Kagani 831 SMART
  25. Help with finding NPC's with no uptext
  26. Redirecting SMART to RSPS
  27. How to Add Auto-Login to A Script?
  28. Need help with script method overriding
  29. OS-Scape SMART
  30. install simba
  31. Question about my first script!
  32. Help With Woodcutting Script
  33. Help With a thieving script
  34. How can i run simba on multiple clients in a rsps
  35. How do I operate in the background?
  36. Rsps srl
  37. Mouse Not working in particular region...[RUNIQUE]
  38. Help with "eating food"
  39. Runique AFK Trainer
  40. Need thieving script made willing to pay for your time!
  41. Missing plugins
  42. Need Help with script coding for random event
  43. Move mouse only if 2 colors found?
  44. Someone tell me i'm not crazy is this supposed to happen?
  45. Looting items
  46. Pick the colour closest
  47. Why doesnt my mouse move?
  48. cant find the colour in the box
  49. colon key?
  50. looking for yellow but finds grey?
  51. Error: Closing parenthesis expected at line 67???
  52. First script (Monster killer + looting) questions
  53. help me better understand how to loop, PLEASE!
  54. Looting procedure
  55. Looting items
  56. How to select the smallest first.
  57. Noobie trying to get attack/loot script.
  58. [AeroLib or SRL] Need help using Uptext for Npc's
  59. Need scripter to help!!
  60. How to run rsps script on actual rsps client
  61. Letspk botscrip
  62. I want to get into scripting.
  63. Npc detection help
  64. rsps bot, need help
  65. Best include for RSPS?
  66. Anyone know of any good free vpns?
  67. Calling Procedure Help
  68. Help Needed
  69. Dawntained bot farm
  70. Help
  71. Is there a way to bypass "login limit exceeded"? on a rsps
  72. need help adding in something
  73. Newbie Help (Easy Fix, Like Really Easy)
  74. Anybody already started scripting for Ikov?
  75. Help me stabilize my poor script
  76. Script wont find TMSObject
  77. Rs Walker Error Help Me Please Someone
  78. Finding a Safe Spot
  79. Checking Health of Player
  80. looking for a bit of help with a raid bot code structure
  81. Using mmtoms on a rsps