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11-22-2014, 10:32 AM
Hey all it's been awhile, im throwing togeater a quick script to help me farm rare mystery seeds for my rally on potfarm, a addictive facebook game I've been stuck on. I've been able to work through all of the "random events" and the script its self works great but once in a blue moon the game glitches and the screen scrolls way down which hides the "farm plots" from my bot because its too far up the screen

long story short im trying to click the screen and drag it up when ever a bitmap is detected, I've already handled the detection and the procedure call my only problem is when I try use holdmouse and move it x, y + 250 it teleports the mouse without it really dragging the mouse up. As you can tell im painfully old school and my question is simple is there something like movemousesmooth(x, y); like in scar that I can use for my application without need of SRL or includes?

Thanks for your help :)

this is the problematic procedure

procedure DetectGlitch;
var Glitch, X, Y, a, b: Integer;
Glitch := BitmapFromString(11, 3, 'meJyzjSkTvvCU4d1//pN3baZtCay' +
'a61sy1TIsHyiiseUckG0bXeZXNsMlvdU6qtgzrxco4pnfZxle YJ9Q' +
'DVFsF1vhUzTZt3SaTXQpUByo1yqi0C6uCigFUQAAzH0q9g==' );
if (FindBitmapIn(Glitch, X, Y, 488, 366, 541, 409)) Then
writeln('Glitch detected');
MoveMouse(711, 356);
GetMousePos(a, b);
HoldMouse(a, b, mouse_Left);
MoveMouse(a, b + 250);
GetMousePos(a, b);
ReleaseMouse(a, b, mouse_Left);
end else
writeln('no glitch');

11-22-2014, 12:27 PM
all u need is to copy 1 mouse procedure from the srl include then set the MouseSpeed, but if u really dont want u can just replace MoveMouse(a, b + 250); with:

for i:= 1 to 250 do
MoveMouse(a, b+i);
if i < 250 then
wait(50); //adjust if too slow or too fast

Declare i as integer.