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11-08-2007, 10:28 AM
Pics/Guide from the Mayhem Maker website/Vmi90.


The lower lvls ARE a giant pain but it WILL DEFINATELY pay off in the end.

Step 1. Go to the store in Yanille and buy 5 box traps, 2 bird snares, 5 butterfly jars and a butterfly net.

Levels 1-9

Location: Southeast from Yanille

From level 1, you're gonna have to catch some crimson swifts. Go southeast from Yanille (a lot), and find the place where I am in the picture below. Set down the snare and wait for a bird to get caught. Since youre only lvl 1, you can only use 1 trap at a time for now. If the trap fails, just reset it back up. Exp here is pretty slow, but you don't have much of a choice at level 1. Snare these birds until level 9.

Levels 9-15

Location: Northwest from Grand Tree, by piscatoris fishing area

Once you reached level 9, you can catch copper longtails. These are still rather slow exp, but once again, the best you can do. Head over near the monkfish fishing area, and set up bird snares to catch these guys. I found that the spot near the falconry area is fastest. Snare these guys until you've reached level 15.

Levels 15-20

Location: South of Copper Longtails

Once you get level 15, equipt your butterfly net, and head south. You'll find Ruby Harvest butterflies flying around. Just click on them to catch them, they are fairly easy. You can get up to 5 at a time, then just release them from the jars. These are fast exp once you find their respawn points (this doesnt take long). Catch these guys until you're level 20.

Levels 20-29

Location: Southwest from Yanille glider

Now you can drop your butterfly net and jars. Take the equiptment you have left, and head to the tropical wingtails. Now that you are level 20, you can set up 2 traps. Place the snares about where I have them in the picture. Exp is a bit faster since you have 2 snares, but it seems slow since you need 9 levels to move on to the next animals. Trap these until 29.

Levels 29-47

Location: Southeast of Canifis

Once you get level 29, grab 4 small fishing nets and 4 ropes. Now head to Canifis and start walking southeast to the hunter spot to catch the green lizards. All you have to do is click on the young trees to set up the traps. After you catch the lizards, just release them. At level 40, you can set up 3 traps. These are very fast exp, catch them until you reach level 47.

Levels 47-59

Location: West of Uzer

Once you reach level 47, you can catch orange salamanders. These are also very fast exp. DONT FORGET WATERSKINS. They might seem like a pain to bring, but the exp is well worth it. Just set up the traps where and how I have them in the picture. Catch these until level 59.

Levels 59-80

Location: North of Castle Wars

Now you can catch red salamanders. These are the same as the other lizards, once you hit level 60, you can use 4 traps. There isnt much explaining to do here, these are fast exp, trap until level 80.

Level 80

Before you do anything else, you will want to trap larupias. Making their fur into armor greatly increases your chances of catching Red Chinchompas. You will need to get a knife, and 3 logs. Head to around the same area as the tropical wingtails, but a bit east. Find a pit and set up a trap. Then poke a larupia and as it chases you, jump over your trap. The larupia will fall in, and you get its hide. Do this 3 times, and take the fur to varrock fancy clothes shop. Make the armor and then you can move on.

Levels 80-99

Location: North of Tropical Wingtails

Now its time to get the best exp. Head to the spot I am on the picture, and set up your 5 traps exactly where I have them. This guarantees you 100k exp/hour (it might be a bit less at first, but its still fast). Just trap the red chins until you get to whatever level your little heart desires.


Level 99

Grats you've made it!! Either keep going, or go get yourself that skill cape you've always wanted :D


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Wow nice im gona use this... im lvl 50 :D its kinda simple to hunt

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You...might want to remove the username from those pictures...

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Its not my guide. I dont want any problems with ripping so I dont want to edit anything.

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red salamanders are so boring..im lvl 61 and i hate training there =P

EDIT: very nice guide! pictures and everything, good job!

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try orange salamanders... theres like 10 but none of them get catched but swamp lizards are VERY easy to catch!

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i remembered this guide was from zybez if i rememberd correctly...

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GJ, I never understood how hunter worked. I just want some lv's for that cape...

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thx for this :) i had no idea hunting was gunna be this simple...

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followed this guide and i'm already 83 hunter lol thanks