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05-20-2008, 11:16 PM
How To Use SCAR Tags (and the Posting Controls)

I have realized that many people new to the forums have trouble using scar tags, so I wrote this tutorial.

Why use scar tags?
SCAR tags show the colors and the spacings so that a script looks like it would if put into SCAR. SCAR tags make scripts easier to read and should always be used whenever posting a SCAR script.

Types of Tags
Tags have various uses, here is what each one does. You can receive a simple description of each button by holding your mouse on it.

The numbers go from right to left, just as a person would read a book.

1. Removes text formatting
2. Changes font
3. Changes font size
4. Changes font color
5. Adds smilies
6. Controls attachments
7. Undo last change
8. Redo last undo
9. Check Spelling in your post
10. Control size of box you are typing in
11. Switch to a mode in which you see the colors and not the "Tags" (Closer to what actual post will look like)

Row 2

12. Makes text bold
13. Makes text italic
14. Underline text
15. Align text to right
16. Center text in middle of post
17. Align text to left
18. Make an ordered list
19. Make an unordered list (bullet points)
20 and 21. Control indents/Indent
22. Insert a link from a URL
23. Remove a link
24. Insert an email link
25. Ad an image from a URL
26. Quote text

Quoted text

27. Put text in code tags. These are for when the programming language the script is in is not available in the other tags.


28. Put text in HTML tags. For scripts in HTML.


29. Put text in PHP tags. For scripts in PHP.


30. Put text in SCAR tags. For SCAR scripts.

31. Highlight text.
This text is highlighted

32. Put text in WIKI tags. For quotes from Wikipedia.

33. Puts a white box around the text

34. Puts Acronym tags around text

35. Banana tags.

36. Edit favorite smiles.

How to Use Tags

On the post screen, click on the kind of tags you would like to insert (SCAR tags circled in red).


Whatever text is in between the and the will be in "Whatever" tags.


I hoped this helped all those new to forums. Feedback/improvements is appreciated.


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Very nice. Definitely needed.

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its ok i rep+ you

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Hopefully all the new people will read this and now how to post their first scripts.
5 Star

You sure are cranking out tuts!

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Can't give it to for a while i have to give it to some1 else before :p

More Pics?

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Thanks, any ideas for improvements?

I need idea for another tut. Ive been inactive for I while and need to make up for not contributing:)

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More pics of what?

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Nice tut, I was thinking of making exactly the same thing but I hate making pics -.- So I gave up. (Was going to make most of the guide just pics)


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Same here, i had to do it in paint because stupid ps trial ran out

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Kewl. Only thing I noticed... Wiki tags do not link to Wikipedia.org. Your post makes it looks like it does :)

05-26-2008, 07:06 PM
oh....i wasnt really sure what they did, I just guessed lol

What does it do?

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09-29-2008, 06:47 AM
Nice guide, a couple of broken image links you may want to fix but otherwise thanks.

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Gravedig much??

My threads are immortal! :O

Thanks anyway :)

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Typical...I post a script...then I find this thread. Guess I should have looked first :duh:

At least I will know for next time!! Thanks for the guide!!:spot:

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your welcome :)

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thanks this helped me alot

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