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10-18-2008, 03:49 AM
Okay. First off we need to open the bank... You can make your own procedure, or use some of these:

{************************************************* ******************************
function OpenBankGlass(WhichBank: String; ChangeCompass, ChangeAngle: Boolean): Boolean;
By: Wizzup? and modified by Ron
Description: Opens the bank.
Valid arguments are:
'feb' (Falador East Bank)
'fwb' (Falador West Bank)
'veb' (Varrock East Bank)
'vwb' (Varrock West Bank)
'db' (Draynor Bank)
'akb' (Al-Kharid Bank)
************************************************** *****************************

I recommend this one because it works the best. Here's how to use it and explaining the arguments:

OpenBankGlass('bankname', //should we change the compass?, //should we set the angle to the best angle to find the bank?

There you go.

Now we need to know if we are at the bankscreen:

if Bankscreen then LookBelow;

Okay lets say that you want to know if you are at the PinScreen?

if PinScreen then InPin('0000');

Now we can figure out what box we are searching for, or using a dtm by using this:

BankIndexToMSBox(Index: integer): TBox; //You state which index and returns a TBox.

Then you can use this like this.

for i:=1 to 32 do
TheBox := BankIndexToMSBox(i);
FindDTM(TheDTM, x, y, TheBox.x1, TheBox.y1, TheBox.x2, TheBox.y2);
end; //you can use this credit me...

Now we need to withdraw...

Withdraw(//collumn, //row, //amount);

You can set amount to 0 for all.

Deposit(SlotFrom, SlotTo, vType); //vtype is how much to deposit each slot. Put "True" as vType if you want to have deposit all in each slot.

When you are done withdrawing/depositing you can do closebank.


Please post suggestions!

Cut em2 it

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didn't understand...

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didn't understand...

maybe try some beginner tuts? \

Nice tut btw.

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Thanks, just decided to try and help :D

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yeah maybe include Deposit() and stuff like that, bank tabbing scrolling etc (or is bank tabbing not in there?)

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forgot about deposit thank you :D

Cut em2 it

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Nice tut short but simple im gunna use this when i get around to making a mining script :)

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can you make a example with all of them at end please? :D