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11-26-2006, 06:25 PM
[:: WileyCoyote ProJecT{RRS} LogMe IN v.o1a ::]
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Member of Villu, Matt aka ShadowBlade made a log in script
that kind of made me think....well what if I can make my next
script, a autominer, autolog back in and continue once again.
This would be a decent tool. Which also leads to a new problem
for my script (full autominer). Now I'll have to detect log out.
O well. So I was gonna just use Matt's and well his didnt work for
my client or any client (3 i tried) that I tried it only work on
wwww.runescape.com . I dont know how many use RuneScape.com but I
use clients such as "SwiftSwitch". The script wouldnt log in. So
this script basically just logs into RuneScape Clients.
Also before flaming ensues...thats not even my password at bottom
just an example. Also for "scripting learning" purposes all cmds
below will be explained. Also if you use this for your scripts to
auto log in...plz credit me.
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[:: Update Log ::]
Fixes log in not working on clients.
This will be final unless for some odd reason it doesnt work.
Final, well until my autominer comes.
Also for some odd reason if waits are not in place the script
runs to fast for the client same as site...thats why Matt had
waits on his as I found out.
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Updated 2:
Well, GREAT THANKS TO hans.! I had a idea to make it auto-relogin if you disconnect.
I knew some cmds for it but not where or how and what order and what to put with it.
Thats where arrow came in and helped. So hats off to hans.
So basically it now relogins for ya. version .o1a is now okay to rip with no credit to me.
[:: Update Log ::]
[:: How To Use ::]
Its simple....load script using Scar 2.03 and SRL (most updated)
Use cross hair on the "Welcome to RuneScape" box. Not just in the
RuneScape window. Also essential not to use crosshair on the
"new user" or "existing user box".
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11-26-2006, 07:58 PM