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Smarter Child
09-02-2009, 07:30 AM
Road Walking for the beginner!

Hi everybody, mapwalking in runescape can be a difficult thing, especially if your new to scripting. So I'm here to teach anybody willing to learn basic road walking. So my tutorial will focus on radial walking.

First navigate to your SCAR location, then go to Includes => SRL => Scripting tools => RadialWalking aid by yakman.

Open this up and make sure rune scape is logged in. Then hit the PLAY button, and something like this will pop up....http://i32.tinypic.com/2z7k7jm.jpg

This is the radial walking aid, so lets get started by picking our radial, simply hover the mouse over the map (in the form) and click on a point. Then type your start/end radial /radius in the box. Don't get too :confused: now, im going to show you how to do this ;).


This is how the runescape mini map is, the general search areas are:

RadialWalk(THECOLOR, 0, 90 = Search from North to East
RadialWalk(THECOLOR, 90, 180 = East to South
RadialWalk(THECOLOR, 180, 270 = South to West
RadialWalk(THECOLOR, 270, 0 = West to North

These can be reversed and they do not have to be exactly 180 or 90, the search area varies on your location ;).

So if i wanted to search this part of the map:

That's roughly about 45 degrees to 90 degrees search area. But the easiest alternative to doing it yourself is using YakMans great program :D.

So back on action...

This is what i did:

Now what you do is input the startradial and what not, then hit show path, this will allow you to see the path search area, keep doing this until you are happy with what you have created, then simply hit 'Print Procedure' and you will get something like this:


RadialWalk({TheColor}, 20, 80, 56, {Xmod}, {Ymod});
RadialRoadWalk({TheColor}, 20, 80, 56, {Xmod}, {Ymod});
RadialWalkEx({TPA}, MMCX, MMCY, {TheColor}, {tolerance}, 20, 80, 56);

So it will literally print out your function, but there is some tweaking to do, so lets take a look at MapWalk.scar

function RadialWalk(TheColor, StartRadial, EndRadial, Radius, Xmod, Ymod: Integer): Boolean;

That is the parameters for radialwalk,

TheColor - The color you wish to search for, unless your using radialwalkex or something with a tol, you should use the colors from autocolor.scar

StartRadial - The Start search area remember what we discussed.

Endradial - The end of the search area.

Radius - The Radius, aka the distance from the center of the circle to the end. You probably learned this in math class.

XMod, YMod - this is the mouse find no flag deviation, since your beginner just set it to -2 to 2, i usually use 0 or -1.

Since im searching for the varrock road color, this is how my function looks:


RadialWalk(FindVarrockRoadColor, 20, 80, 56, -1, -1);

**For a list of all autocolors check autocolor.scar in the core SRL folder :)

Thanks for reading, i hope you learned a lot.


~~ END ~~

09-02-2009, 08:32 AM
Wowa, you're just pumping out these tutorials.
Haven't read this one yet but it looks easy to understand. Good use of pictures, they really help to understand.

Smarter Child
09-02-2009, 09:25 AM
Wowa, you're just pumping out these tutorials.
Haven't read this one yet but it looks easy to understand. Good use of pictures, they really help to understand.

Yup thanks :D

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09-06-2009, 05:30 AM

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*Cough*, I do not see how this is hard :p

09-07-2009, 06:16 AM
*Cough*, I do not see how this is hard :p

Considering that the beginner section includes tutorials that explain what begin/end are, variables...etc., this probably does not belong in the same section :p

Good job. I like the pictures and everything.