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03-22-2008, 08:13 PM
The different ranks/Cups of SRL
by Richard
Update by BraK
Updated as of Aug 4th 2011

This is just a little guide to the different ranks and symbols (little symbols under your name, they are technically called "cups") you can get on SRL.

SRL Ranks

Registered User

This is the rank below Junior Members. They have been registered for less then 3 months and/or posted less than 100 times. However, they have the same forum access privileges as Junior Members.

SRL Junior Member

This is for users that have posted 100 posts or more and have been registered for at least 3 months. There is one benefit on being a Junior Member, and that is that when 300 posts and 6 months of being registered is reached, they are given access to the Black Market.

SRL Member

This is for users that have proven their scripting abilities to be above average and have made a script that other members have voted on saying whether it is worthy of SRL Members. They have greater access to areas of the SRL forums, including their own SRL Member private section. Here, more help and better scripts can be found. If you would like a guide on what you need for an SRL Member worthy script then read this guide by Cazax: http://www.villavu.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27435

Senior SRL Member

SRL members who show exceptional talent and who help out on the forums a lot are invited to be Senior SRL Members. They have their own private boards and are allowed to post suggestions about forum maintenance which the staff will take into consideration. This rank is secret and no-one outside of it knows who is in it.

SRL Developers

(Note: sorry for you developers, I couldn't find a closer color to match yours)
These are people that are developing SRL all the time to make scripting easier for you and you should also respect these users as you would admins. They have much greater access to the SRL forums, with their own private developers board. Here, SRL updates are discussed, and research is posted.


People who patrol the SRL forums looking for rule breakers. Be wary of these people! They have the ability to take actions against you if you break rules.


These are only for people who run SRL, there is no way to get this rank by making a good script (that I'm aware of). They have full access to the forums and can do pretty much anything with it, so watch out!

SRL Leader

There's only 2 people that has this rank, WT-Fakawi and Dankness(retired). They are the ultimate most important people on SRL and they are the glue holding us all together :). They have the most access out of everyone and can do pretty much anything to the forums (so don't annoy them)

SRL Symbols

These are little symbols that appear under your name once you get them, there are many different ones and show that you are something special.



This is for the administrators of SRL (read above to find out about them)



This is sort of a downgraded admin (see above for more info)

SRL Developers


This is for people who have helped SRL become better (read above for more info)

SRL Random Developers


This is for SRL Developers that have also done work on Runescape Randoms, to stop our scripts looking botty

Reflection Developers


This is for the people who Maintain and Fix the Reflection include. This includes the updating of the Hooks every time Runescape updates. Which gives a lot of people the accuracy they like.

Simba Contributor


This is for those that contributed to the making, testing, fixing of Simba.

Competitions Winners Cup


This is for people that have entered one of the SRL scripting competitions and have had some an amazing script that they have won it and have won something else that I am unaware of...

SRL Master


This is for people that have amazing scripting abilities, if you have the Competition cup then you will most likely have this one.

SRL Scripter


This is a bit like the SRL Master but not as good scripter, still quite impressive to have one though.

SRL Helper


This is for people that have noticed people who are having trouble with scripting and have gone and helped them, and they have done this lots of times.

Tutorial Writer


For people that have wrote tutorials for people less skilled than themselves

Wiki Writer


For those who have wrote Tutorials for SRL Wiki. SRL Wiki is temporarily unable to be added to.

Useful Poster


For people that have posted useful comments to help fellow scripters on their way to greatness.

SRL Tester


For users that have tested new SRL functions so that the SRL include can become always better

SRL Old Timer


For people who have been registered to SRL for 2 years or more and are an SRL Member

SRL Valued Voter


Before people can become SRL members they have to post an application to get into members, and people with this cup/symbol vote on them very fairly and their vote is valued.

Community Watch


This cup is awarded to those who show an interest in keeping the community clean by submitting quality post and/or out of date script reports on a consistent basis.

SRL Aristocrat


This is for people who contribute a lot to the SRL include.

MSI Contributor


For users that have contributed to the Community script MSI (http://villavu.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56614).

Banned from Black Market


For those that have Violated the Black Market Rules bad enough to earn themselves the Cup.

Village Clown


For users that have proved themselves to be a bit on the stupid side, they have been annoying and acted like they want to be banned, but admins decide to give them this symbol to embarrass them instead. They can be given this permanently or have it taken away after a while. It depends on whether they act good enough to get normal membership back, or continue to be like they were.

Best Newcomer


This is an award for the best new registered user that has proven themselves to be the best new user. Admins vote who this should go to. Note: if you want this rank don't spam

Mostly Harmless


This is the same as the village clown except it is for people that are lower than an SRL Member.

Monster Ranks

The monster ranks are the monster names that appear underneath your SRL rank. There are 3 different ones: Chicken, Lesser Demon, King Black Dragon. These depend on how long you have been on the board in total and how filled you activity and longevity bars are. Just a bit of fun really, they don't effect what you can view.

Its pretty obvious which order they go in: Chicken 1st, Lesser 2nd, KBD 3rd.

Chicken is for people who have have minimal activity/longevity.

Lesser Demon is for people who have an activity and longevity that is about in the middle of the bar.

King Black Dragon is for users that have their activity and longevity around 80%. Not many users have this rank.

Tormented Demon This Monster Ranks is for Moderators Only

Corporeal Beast This Monster rank is for Admins Only

Duckling This is the Monster rank of the Banned Users.

Site Supporter


This is a rank you get from donating to the website. The only benefits I'm allowed to tell you is that you get the little picture like above and that you get a bigger avatar (members only). The rest has to be kept secret ;)

Update Log

Updated Users Colors/Titles
Added Ban from BM Cup
Added REF Dev Cup
Added Wiki Writer Cup
Added Simba Dev Cup
Added MSI Contributor Cup
Fixed Mostly Harmless, Village Clown Cups
Updated User Title Information
Fixed Junior Member Data
Fixed some wrong information and Spelling Errors
Updated the Monster Ranks
Added Community Watch

Special Thanks to Dgby714, Rich, Smarter Child, and x[Warrior]x3500 for information and help getting the List updated.