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Forum rules

SRL Rules & Regulations

The staff reserve the right to interpret these rules any way they see fit. Staff may lock or remove topics and posts at their own discretion. They may also issue infractions to users as they see necessary for maintaining a positive community. Any disagreement with a staff member's decision is to be resolved through the use of the PM system. Any public disputes are to be avoided and are infractable at the staff's discretion. You have no rights and are entitled to nothing.

No Leeching

SRL is for the beginner and the advanced, for the hobbyist and the semi-professional. We are an open and free community that believes in cooperative learning and sharing. This is only possible when we all participate together and do not leech. We encourage all our users to get involved and participate in our community. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be an amazing scripter. There are many other ways that you can still contribute to the community. A zero or spam filled post count and a hard drive stacked with good scripts is not an option here. The SRL Community has worked thousands of hours on this project and we are giving SRL out for free. All we ask in return is that you stay awhile and participate in our community.


Although the main focus of SRL is for scripting, we also like to have fun and debate over the ?Real Questions of Life?. You are free to talk about any other subject; however it must be within moral standards. Always remember that you should debate the topic, not the person. Speaking directly to the adolescent majority: don't do anything your parents wouldn?t want you to do here! Failing to stay within morality will lead to infractions or bans. In short, just behave!

Bannable Offenses

The SRL Staff retains the right to ban any user at any time for any reason and without question. However, you will be automatically permanently banned specifically for the following offences:

  • Unauthorized Distribution of Scripts:
    Do not post any scripts that you have not written yourself on any forum unless given permission from the original author; this includes edited or modified scripts. Doing so is theft of intellectual property and will not be tolerated here.

  • Offensive Material:
    This consists of posting or linking to adult, child, and or anime pornography or any other unethical, inappropriate or offensive material. In the event of illegal content is posted, such as child pornography, the appropriate law enforcement agencies WILL be informed immediately.

  • Spam Advertisements:
    Any advertising bots will be banned on the spot and if spam advertising does occur, the internet service provider of the associated IP address will be contacted.

  • Illegal Torrents / Warez:
    The posting of or linking to warez, illegal torrents, cracks, keygens, serials, authentication bypass guides or any other illegal copyrighted material is at no time permitted on the forums. This obviously does not include legal torrents such as the ones provided by Canonical for the Ubuntu distro.

  • Key Logging / Password Theft / Phishing:
    Any topic related to key logging, password cracking, or helping others create, use, or distribute password cracks or key loggers is strictly prohibited. Any party involved in such topics will be immediately reported to their internet service provider.

  • Infected Files:
    Posting, linking to, or distributing viruses, trojans, worms, malware and any other malicious pieces of software, in any form, is not tolerated. This also includes topics on the creation and or distribution of the aforementioned items. Any parties involved in such activities will be reported to their internet service provider.

  • Impersonation:
    Pretending to be an Administrator, Moderator, Developer, or any other user or rank for any reason at any time is unacceptable.

  • Returning After a Ban:
    You may not return after a permanent ban.

Infractable Offenses

The SRL Staff retains the right to issue an infraction or warning to any user at any time for any reason and without question. You will receive an infraction for the following offenses:

  • Buying and Selling:
    Buying or selling of any scripts, services, real world goods, or virtual goods outside of the black market is prohibited. Please visit one of our friendly neighboring communities for anything related to real world money or Runescape related gold.

  • Plagiarism:
    This involves posting someone else's work claiming that it is your own creation; this includes modified versions of the original work. Doing so will result in an infraction and suspension on the first offence and a permanent ban if it happens again. Copying and or modifying functions or procedures is only allowed if you credit the original author properly. For examples on how to credit properly, please refer to the SRL library or ask an SRL Member.

  • Returning During a Suspension:
    You may not return to SRL while you are serving a suspension. If you do so, the time your account has been suspended for will be increased and any additional accounts created will be banned. If you continue to make additional accounts to try to get around a suspension, you will be permanently banned from the forums.

  • Multiple Accounts:
    Users are permitted to have one account and one account only. Any additional accounts made will be immediately banned. Depending on the circumstances, further action may be taken as decided at the staff?s discretion.

  • Leaking:
    Any users caught leaking information or scripts from their respective sections will be immediately de-ranked. The user will be given an opportunity to defend themselves and dispute the allegations.

  • Spam:
    Please avoid spamming the forum with useless posts. At SRL, we value reputation above post count. If your post does not contribute positively to the ongoing topic, then please refrain from posting it as it is most likely spam. Repeating the same question in multiple sections without waiting for an answer is also spam.

  • Misbehavior:
    We expect all of our users to act respectfully of each other and the staff. Showing a nasty attitude will earn you an infraction in no time. Behave, don?t stir up trouble, and don?t poke the fire. Help out others, life is already difficult enough.

  • Insulting Other Members:
    We want our community to remain as friendly and enjoyable as possible. Insulting, flaming, belittling, degrading, personally attacking, and discriminating against other users will not be tolerated. If you continue and make a habit of doing so after being warned, further action may be taken at the discretion of the staff.

  • Backseat Moderating:
    If you see something that breaks the rules, please report the post by pressing the little red square with an ?x? on the right hand side of a post. Please do not chastise or reprimand other users. We have able and competent staff who will handle the situation accordingly.

  • Bumping and Grave Digging:
    Bumping is unnecessary and unneeded. People will reply in time, so please be patient. Grave Digging is when you reply to a topic that has been inactive for over 3 months and the conversation is obviously dead.

  • "Clicks For Cash" Ads and Referrals:
    Both are unwelcome here! Posting threads for Clicks For Cash websites will result in 10 day suspension. You will receive and infraction for any referral links in your signature.

  • Posting Under the Influence:
    It is not allowed to post in any section outside the off-topic category when intoxicated or under severe influence of drugs.

  • Malicious Intent:
    Posting of any information or directions with a malicious intent is expressly forbidden. If you do so, appropriate action will be taken against you as seen by the staff. An example of malicious intention would be to tell a user to delete his System32 folder to fix an error.

  • Inappropriate language:
    Inappropriate language, including swearing or cussing, of any kind is prohibited, except in and only in the BBQ Pit section. Directly swearing or cussing at another member, or insulting another member is prohibited on ALL boards. If this rule is broken, we, the staff, have the right to issue an infraction at our discretion.

  • All Caps and Multi-Posting:
    Please do not post with caps lock on, it is very annoying to read and looks messy. Also, if you have something to add to a post, use the edit button rather than making an additional post right after your own post. The edit button is located in the bottom left corner of your post.

Three infractions will result in a suspension. Six infractions will result in a permanent ban.

SRL Source Code

The SRL-Library is free of charge and distributed under the [url=]GPL v3[/url] license. All SRL Code may be edited, modified and copied as long as you credit properly and include the full source code. This means that you must refer to the original author of the material in the header of your Script and Function.

The above does not apply to any script other than MSI. The copyrights of an individually made script are held by the script author. You MUST get permission from the original script author to publicly edit, modify or post their scripts. Failure to do so is against SRL rules and you will be reprimanded accordingly at the staff's discretion.

Script Restrictions

Scripts posted on the SRL forums must not contain any obfuscated code or be of a malicious nature in any way. If caught posting a password stealing script, you will be immediately banned.

Applying for SRL Membership

In order to become SRL-Member, you will need to apply with a well written Simba script that demonstrates your competency with the SRL Library. The application form will create a polled thread allowing SRL Members to judge your abilities and vote yes or no on your application. You may only submit one application per month (4 Weeks) unless otherwise stated by a staff member. If you apply with a script that is not your own, your application will be immediately closed. You will then be punished as outlined under 'Plagiarism' in the 'Infractable Offences' section.

For more information on what voters will be looking for, please read [url=]this thread[/url]: =>How to become an SRL Member.


Reputation points at SRL are only used to show appreciation towards other members. They will not get you any extra privileges. Please do not abuse the reputation system as it is only meant as a bit of fun. If the reputation system is abused, it will be disabled.

Meme Policy

If you post a meme you are responsible for any content depicted in the meme (ie: inappropriate language, racism, etc). If the meme breaks any of our rules, you will be infracted for it. If your post solely contains a meme and contributes nothing to the ongoing conversation, it will be regarded as spam and will appropriate actions will be taken. Please try to keep the memes on 4chan and reddit, that is where they belong.


The Avatars are reserved for Donators, SRL Member rank and above. There are no Avatars available for Registered Users or Junior SRL Members. Keeps avatars appropriate and do not use the SRL Ranks as Avatars. Failure to do so will result in an infraction.


Signatures must not contain inappropriate or offensive content and must be kept in proportion with the body of your average message (3 -5 lines max). The staff reserves the right to remove or modify and content a user?s signature at any time.

Additional Resources
Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Forum Ranks
- SRL Management

How to Install/Setup Simba & SRL for RS3

Scripting regulations

Scripting Regulation

The SRL Staff has decided it is time that we need to clamp down some regulations. Some of you have already heard about them through hearsay but now they are official and will be upheld accordingly.

The new rules:

  • We do NOT obfuscate our scripts, we do not encrypt them. You are free to do so, but you are not allowed to post any reference to it on SRL.
  • We do NOT use default stats accounts. This has been discussed before, and it is not allowed.
  • We do NOT terminate scripts if Stats accounts are not filled in. You post a script, people will leech it. It's a simple as that. Without SRL-Stats you wouldn't even add this kind of stuff to your script. (No Anti-Leech system)
  • We do NOT log IP's, or any RuneScape account details.
  • We do NOT open web pages that contain no useful addition to the script. And unless you can come up with a real good reason, I suggest you don't use it at all. Opening Web Pages that are used for ads, etc. are not allowed.*
  • We do NOT hide any code from the human eye, we do NOT space it to the right. We have nothing to hide.
  • Pluggins must ALWAYS be posted with their source.

* Useful: Online progress reports, status reports, version checker, etc
* Not Useful: Adverstisements, click for cash, etc
* Strictly forbidden: Username, Password. Nicks are allowed.
* If you are unsure of a feature, ask staff.

We understand and if your script violates these regulations that you will need time to make alterations. We have set a deadline for these alterations to be done. If you fail to meet this deadline, you script may be temporarily removed and/or you may be infracted depending on your willingness to cooperate. Please read these rules carefully and post if you do not understand.

SRL Staff

Becoming a respected member of the community

Introduction to the SRL Forums

With every new encounter, you are evaluated and yet another person's impression of you is formed. These first impression can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo, making those first encounters extremely important, for they set the tone for all the relationships that follows.


Welcome to the SRL forums. Your first steps into our forums are very important and set the mood for the rest of your time with us. In order set you up for success. I have made a list of guides that will help you make a good first impression.

The first step is knowing the rules. "What you can and can't do." Here's the guide wrote by our Leader himself.

The next step is knowing who you are talking to. You can tell a lot about people by their Ranks, Titles, and Cups.

Another helpful piece to know is the History of Runescape Cheating. Here it is written by Benland100.

Fitting In

Next thing proper forum usage and etiquette. This is about how to not look stupid and piss a lot of people off. For help with this we have a few tutorials from various Writers.

Becoming an Asset

We don't ask a lot of the New users of our scripts. It is in fact very easy to come in and become a useful and contributing Member of the forums. Making suggestions of things that you see could be improved. Testing out users script and providing Feedback. Meaning that while the script is running your watching to see what is does right and it does wrong. If the script messes up at some point then let the Maker know. If the script runs fine for you then Post a progress report. The more you put the better the scripts and script writers will get. The quote below shows the concept and definition for this process.

Synergy - The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Here's Some threads that can help you in becoming a contributing member of the Forums.

The Next Step

So now that you've started yourself right and are going in the right direction. What comes next? Learning to script. There are many resources available for learning to script. Here are a few:

If your having trouble Scripting then ask for help in the "Scripting help" Section. If you ask and still don't understand you can always ask for help on MSN in your Help thread or the School Thread. Remember we are a Worldwide Community we won't always have someone online. Don't get frustrated if it takes a little while to get help. We will help as soon as we are able.

Applying for Members

It is better to create your script and publish it before applying for members. What will this help with. One is everything we talked about earlier >"FEEDBACK." The fellow Users of our great community will help you learn to script better and telling you places in which you can improve. Most times when they suggest some for you to learn they 'll have and guide that they will point you to. If not them look in the "Tutorial Island" Section. When SRL-Members and higher think your ready most times they will tell you to apply for membership. If this happens then you have a good chance that you'll get members on the first try. If you don't then don't be discouraged you'll get important feedback on how to Improve yourself from it and can apply again. Here are some tutorials that will help on your way to Members.

Closing Remarks

Again I'd like to say Welcome to the SRL forums. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you'd like to introduce yourself the Introduction thread here is the proper place to do it.

The ranks and cups of SRL

The different ranks/Cups of SRL

SRL Ranks

Registered User

This is the rank below Junior Members. They have been registered for less then 3 months and/or posted less than 100 times. However, they have the same forum access privileges as Junior Members.

SRL Junior Member

This is for users that have posted 30 posts or more and have been registered for at least 1 month (31 days). When users reach this milestone, then they can gain access to the Black Market when they have 300 posts and have been registered for at least 6 months.

SRL Member

This is for users that have proven their scripting abilities to be above average and have made a script that other members have voted on saying whether it is worthy of SRL Members. They have greater access to areas of the SRL forums, including their own SRL Member private section. Here, more help and better scripts can be found. If you would like a guide on what you need for an SRL Member worthy script then read this guide by Cazax

Senior SRL Member

SRL members who show exceptional talent and who help out on the forums a lot are invited to be Senior SRL Members. They have their own private boards and are allowed to post suggestions about forum maintenance which the staff will take into consideration.

SRL Developers

These are people that are developing SRL all the time to make scripting easier for you and you should also respect these users as you would admins. They have much greater access to the SRL forums, with their own private developers board. Here, SRL updates are discussed, and research is posted.


People who patrol the SRL forums looking for rule breakers. Be wary of these people! They have the ability to take actions against you if you break rules.


These are only for people who run SRL, there is no way to get this rank by making a good script (that I'm aware of). They have full access to the forums and can do pretty much anything with it, so watch out!

SRL Leader

There's only 2 people that has this rank, WT-Fakawi and Dankness(retired). They are the ultimate most important people on SRL and they are the glue holding us all together :). They have the most access out of everyone and can do pretty much anything to the forums (so don't annoy them)

SRL Symbols

These are little symbols that appear under your name once you get them, there are many different ones and show that you are something special.


This is for the administrators of SRL (read above to find out about them)


This is sort of a downgraded admin (see above for more info)

SRL Developers

This is for people who have helped SRL become better (read above for more info)

SRL Random Developers

This is for SRL Developers that have also done work on Runescape Randoms, to stop our scripts looking botty

Reflection Developers

This is for the people who Maintain and Fix the Reflection include. This includes the updating of the Hooks every time Runescape updates. Which gives a lot of people the accuracy they like.

Simba Contributor

This is for those that contributed to the making, testing, fixing of Simba.

Competitions Winners Cup

This is for people that have entered one of the SRL scripting competitions and have had some an amazing script that they have won it and have won something else that I am unaware of...

SRL Master

This is for people that have amazing scripting abilities, if you have the Competition cup then you will most likely have this one.

SRL Scripter

This is a bit like the SRL Master but not as good scripter, still quite impressive to have one though.

SRL Helper

This is for people that have noticed people who are having trouble with scripting and have gone and helped them, and they have done this lots of times.

Tutorial Writer

For people that have wrote tutorials for people less skilled than themselves

Wiki Writer

For those who have wrote Tutorials for SRL Wiki. SRL Wiki is temporarily unable to be added to.

Useful Poster

For people that have posted useful comments to help fellow scripters on their way to greatness.

SRL Tester

For users that have tested new SRL functions so that the SRL include can become always better

SRL Old Timer

For people who have been registered to SRL for 2 years or more and are an SRL Member

SRL Valued Voter

Before people can become SRL members they have to post an application to get into members, and people with this cup/symbol vote on them very fairly and their vote is valued.

SRL Aristocrat

This is for people who contribute a lot to the SRL include.

MSI Contributor

For users that have contributed to the Community script MSI.

Banned from Black Market

For those that have Violated the Black Market Rules bad enough to earn themselves the Cup.

Village Clown

For users that have proved themselves to be a bit on the stupid side, they have been annoying and acted like they want to be banned, but admins decide to give them this symbol to embarrass them instead. They can be given this permanently or have it taken away after a while. It depends on whether they act good enough to get normal membership back, or continue to be like they were.

Best Newcomer

This is an award for the best new registered user that has proven themselves to be the best new user. Admins vote who this should go to. Note: if you want this rank don't spam

Mostly Harmless

This is the same as the village clown except it is for people that are lower than an SRL Member.

Site Supporter

Script setup/running FAQ

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