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About kyrosive
Gamer for 24 out of my 27 years of life. Jack of many trades, master of none. Lover of many things, hater of few. Autodidact. Philosopher. Aspiring programmer. Father of two awesome boys. Sometimes angry. Mostly chill.

In music I like 60's-70's Rock, 80's Metal, 90's Grunge, 90's and early 2000's Hip-Hop and despise all Pop of any era and most Country, the newer the more despicable.

In games I like, in no particular order:
all GTA's except 1 and 2 (never played em), Vice City being the favorite.
GoldenEye 64, not much so in Perfect Dark.

Super Mario 64, the only game I've ever beaten to 100% completion, remains one of the most bitter-sweet experiences in my gaming lifetime, one I'll never forget.

StarFox 64- need I say anything about this one?

Killer Instinct Gold was a vague but good memory.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, containing my single favorite track from the 2D era, Chemical Plant Zone.

Mortal Kombat with a childhood friend who's still a good friend to this day, 20+ years later.

Pokemon Blue Version (and later Gold) on the turquoise GameBoy Color my Aunt got me for Christmas. Meant so much to me as my parents would've never had the money for one nor would they have bought one if they did. Having that helped me through a lot of shit as a kid. The entire 1st and second Gen Pokemon soundtrack still throws me right back into my 6 year-old shoes, playing under the covers with the bad-ass magnifier flashlight attachment my other Aunt bought me a few months later. You all know the one.

Several other honorable mentions I might update here later when I'm less tired and more motivated lol.

Bla bla bla, some more life stuff, bla bla bla.
Oklahoma USA
General PC nerdery: building, gaming, programming, etc. and a bunch of other stuff I can't fit here.
Programming Experience:
Junior level Python and FreePascal
IRC Nick:


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