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Thread: want to really learn c++

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    Default want to really learn c++

    read this and thank me later.
    If you can fully understand this book you will be in a good place.

    if you finish that read this:


    - seriously if you finish these books and understand it you will have a better understanding of c++ then most.

    I hope these resources are helpful to you, they are invaluable to me.

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    College courses helped my improve my C++ only a tiny bit, sadly. I really learned during those courses by writing code for internships, attempting to write game engines (i.e. intro to shooting yourself in the foot with a shotgun), and reading books like Effective C++ and Industrial Strength C++, the Go4 Design Patterns book (which now has a simple, albeit graphically obnoxious, super-easy intro version from the Head Start series).

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