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    Default Gym Workouts

    Sup guys. Just started up the gym again after about 14 months of not going... Still sore 3 days later xD

    Anyways; once getting there I realized omg; I've forgotten my entire routine!

    Before I used to do 5 days a week; usually back tri bi/ chest shoulders lats/ twice a week; with legs on wednesdays.

    Forgotten so many exerices. Anyone got any suggestions for a 65kg fibery person? xD Cheers

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    If you don't mind me asking, what is your height?

    There are multiple splits you can do, I personally prefer 1 muscle a day (except for biceps/triceps).
    My split usually goes like this:

    Monday: Shoulders
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: Chest
    Thursday: Legs/ if I feel like I am lacking progress on a muscle, I usually throw some workouts in ( for example lately I have been feeling my shoulders haven't been growing the way I want them to. I am aiming for more of a 3d look on my shoulders so I'll throw in a few shoulder workouts in during my leg workout).
    Friday: Arms
    Saturday: Chest
    Sunday: Full body

    Note: 2 hours daily; Everyday I'll do leg raises for my abs. Cardio for 30 minutes


    If you are trying to grow, make sure to eat a lot. Start out very slow, don't just go into the gym thinking you can curl 30-40 lbs. You may be able to push heavy weights but your form majority of the time will be incorrect which could lead into serious injuries. Form over weight, hell... you may need to start off with just the bar to perfect your form (may take a few weeks, add on weight slowly). Contraction & repetition is the key, there are a lot of people I see who usually mention they are doing 3-4 sets with 10 reps... Why stop at 3 sets or 10 reps for each set? Why not push until you can't. This is the mentality you should have and you'll see mad results!

    Good luck brotha! Let me know if you have any questions.

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    I wouldn't think to look for gym advice here lol!

    I do a 4 day split and if i show up all 5 days ill do cardio here's my split

    Day1: Chest + Biceps
    Day2: Quads + Hamstrings
    Day3: Shoulder + Triceps
    Day4: Back + Calves + Abs
    Abs i do weighted crunches or leg raises or use one of those ab rollers.

    As of late everyday i have been hammering biceps everyday as a extra because they have been lacking compared to everything else...
    For starting back into the gym i tend to prefer 3x12 sets on low weight form back then after 2-3 weeks i will switch to a reduced reps heavier weight then i switch to power lifts until failure and secondary muscles get 3x12's

    pm me if you want the workout i made a nice spreadsheet that you can print i find it helps keep track of weight and reps week to week... the routine i prob stole from somewhere

    Quote Originally Posted by P1nky View Post
    If you are trying to grow, make sure to eat a lot.
    I can't stress that enough after a my first year of working out i put on 3 lbs! You must count calories to insure you get enough to grow it can be very discouraging otherwise if your focus is numbers.
    Quote Originally Posted by P1nky View Post
    Why stop at 3 sets or 10 reps for each set? Why not push until you can't. This is the mentality you should have and you'll see mad results!
    This 100% getting those last reps make you big

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