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Thread: Karamja Fire Trader

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    Default Karamja Fire Trader

    Hello everyone,
    This is my first script using SRL with Simba. I wrote a few scripts years ago using SCAR Divi but I am just now getting back into RS and botting.

    This script trades fire for gold pieces at the Karamja fishing dock in OSRS. It utilizes SRL with SMART and RSWalker. Just start out at the Karamja fishing dock with a tinder box in your first inventory slot and coins and axe in the second and third inventory spots. The bot will use the chat to advertise the price for a fire (plus say other random things just for fun), trade with other players that offer, and start a fire if the trade is accepted. It detects the amount of coins offered and will not accept anything less than the PRICE set in the constants. When its down to 8 logs left, it will run behind the volcano, chop more logs, then return to the docks to sell fire again. You can also add a player to your friends list and make a fire anytime they send a message.

    Do not use this script on an account you can't afford to have banned. It draws a lot of attention to it with the chat/advertising. This bot is really useful if you are fishing and cooking for skill at Karamja because you don't have to leave space in your inventory for a tinderbox or logs. I typically set the price to 10gp so its cheap enough for anyone to afford. It doesn't make much money but it is entertaining to see how much other players appreciate this bot. That being said though, I did make 2 Mil off this bot from an IronMan who wanted be to make it so he could get fire without trading, so you might be able to make some lucrative deals like this if you are chatting with other players in the area.

    EDIT: Make sure to turn Public Chat off for best results.

    Please make suggestions, comments, point out errors or ask questions. Thanks for your time!
    May the legacy of Burnbot live on!

    Note: add 'karamja.png' to 'Simba\Includes\RSWalker\maps' folder.
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    This is a really neat idea. Nice to see another type of "fixture" script like this. I remember the trivia bots that would hang out near Lumbridge courtyard on busy worlds. Sadly they would get muted by player mods a lot.
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    Wow, how creative! Keep it up. I'll be reading your code tonight

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