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Thread: I'm Back Sorta - Rucoy Online Bot Update and other things.

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    Default I'm Back Sorta - Rucoy Online Bot Update and other things.

    I've been absent for a little while obviously.
    I've taken on a full work load, military obligations, and now going back to school full time.

    I've taken up a few more hoodies that have really sucked what time I've had left.
    One of which was some c++ programming and bot development. Copping the SRL function logic and color finding procedures, I was able to develop a c++ color based bot for runescape.
    It was able to do basic color finding, but stopped when creating the positioning system was just too much for me to take on.
    I was then going to port this bot to Rucoy, but so many days of my life felt wasted sunken into this project, and I realized Simba, and SRL provides all the tools, without all of the hassle.
    Failed attempt a few months ago:

    It was a great learning experience, but I felt defeated and burnt out, so I had to step away for a while.
    I went on to create some game hacking tutorials on my YouTube channel, but jagex copyright striked all of the Runescape related videos in the series, kind of killing that dream as well.

    I took a break from programming, and I have recently gotten into HAM Radio.
    I've gotten into a lot of interesting things with it, satellite communication, Receiving Images for the ISS, and more recently working on a protocol for transmitting web pages over RF.
    Also built a relay system for APRS(Automatic Packet Reporting System) for sending GPS Position, emails and text messages with my radio using a software defined radio for receiving, raspberry pi, and a Baofeng 5w for Transmitting.

    Villavu always comes to mind here and there, and I owe a lot to this community for my desire to program, and my know-how as well.
    Checking up on my Old Rucoy bot, I see that it had a lot of support, and even some private development.
    I'm still quite busy, but I'd like to get my feet wet again here, and see If I can't help out on updating the Rucoy Script.

    Whats new here, what have I missed?
    Someone who updated my old Rucoy script, I'm also inviting you to message me for help now, and to see where you're at. I'd like to get a working version up if it's broken.

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    Hey Aspect! Nice to see you drop by... Seems like however busy we get in life most of us drop by to see what is going on & how everyone is doing, which is awesome!
    The forums activity level has dropped quite a bit. A lot of the activity has been moved onto Discord (modern voice & text chat app).

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