Hey guys, if anyone please can help me...iam playing a game called "Lawl Online" (MMORPG) and it looks like Rucoy.
Iam wondering if anyone here can help me to develop a script to just kill mobs and walk around, iam using Nox Player.

The proposal is simple, just find the monster on screen and click on it (the game have the option to chase the mob by itself, so you dont need to run closer the mob. I just need a script to find the monster on screen and click on it (maybe searching for the color of this mob? or search by the name? idk).

If we can make a simple walk around script, would be a great thing, walk around and kill mobs, dont need to use health potions or mana potions for now..

Anyone can help?

This is a simples screenshot of the game interface, you can see rats and snakes as an example of mobs to kill.