Inspired by this thread:

I've started exploring options to use hardware mouse with arduino. I got it to work with keyboard and mouse keys, but that's not enough for more complex scenarios. I tried to port the srl mouse function to arduino, but it's too slow. I could use the absolute coordinates and teleporting the mouse like how touch devices work, but I'm not sure how safe it is.

What are other options to run undetected input?

- SRL on NXT client (without SMART client): not sure if it's not detected or jagex does not take action.
- Arduino: slow processing, limited capabilities
- BlueEyeMacro or similar drivers: not free, most likely difficult to write from scratch
- simulating mouse events in virtualbox ( Not sure if it's undetected, did not test yet.

I know the "don't bot on accounts you're not willing to lose" drill, but I prefer to employ any possible way to avoid detection.