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    Default Alkharid Cooker

    Needed 70 cooking for RFD and ended up getting my cooking to level 94 trying to perfect this script. 1-94 cooking with this script.

    The script is pretty stable. Cooks at the range in Alkharid and banks at the Alkharid bank. I chose this spot because it supports FTP, and if you're in PTP there's less people to deal with.

    By default, your player will always take 67.2 seconds to cook a full inventory, barring any level ups. So the script uses a randomized timer to determine when cooking is finished. It also adds to the timer when your player levels up. It can do about 950+ raw's per hour. However if you're starting off at a lower level, the leveling up process lowers the p/h rate(clicking click to continue, finding raw fish, clicking on range). This reduces raw's cooked per hour to about 600 since you will be leveling up quickly. As you level up and level up at a slower rate the p/h rate greatly increases.

    Simba Setup:

    Use RemoteInput. While SMART is supported it's better to use remoteInput and that's the option by default.
    Latest Simba + Latest SRL.
    This tutorial is handy if you need more help setting up Simba, SRL, and RSWalker properly.
    But use the Simba download from the link I posted above.
    Add the attached image below to your Maps folder found in the RSWalker folder.
    If RSWalker is not working for you or while compiling it says there's missing files, use this

    Script instructions:
    Within the script, follow the menu to choose the fish you want to cook. Make sure you set the right corresponding fish number.
    Start logged in. Preferably start with a load of raw fish next to the cooking range. If not, start with an empty inventory near the bank booth. Do not have anything other than raw fish in your inventory.
    Have the raw fish at the first bank slot. On the top.

    If raw fish colors change it will not detect raw fish. But that only has happened once in the past month.
    Leveling up can screw with the cooking timer so you may bank earlier, but it's only during that particular load.

    Does occasional anti-ban while cooking.
    No breaks. So it will run until the game automatically kicks you out which is after 5-6 hours. I'll add breaks if it's requested. I personally feel it's better to manually stop the script as it forces some legit input and might help in reducing botting flags.

    Flight for Aerolib mouse movements.

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    Nice release! Thanks for sharing.

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    Always nice to see someone sharing his stuff, thank you!

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