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Thread: Multimodal Bot Detection Using Behavioral Characteristics

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    Post Multimodal Bot Detection Using Behavioral Characteristics

    An interesting read. Boasting a 96%+ accuracy rate, detecting bots in the mmorpg Aion. They did this, if I'm not mistaken, using verified user datasets to train their models. Raising the question, why would they (the studio) need such a service if they already have one in-house?

    "Figure 9 shows the relative similarities and differences of the classification evaluation outcomes (classes): true positive, false positive, false negative, and true negative ... It is highly probable that game bots had not been detected yet in the case of false negatives. This also implies that human users temporarily employed a game bot in the case of false positives. To confirm this observation, we analyzed the case of false positives weekly and finally found harvesting and party play game bots."

    Whatever the case, I'm positive J is doing something like this. Any reason why they wouldn't?
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    It is not a bad article, but everything is ultimately pretty obvious. The main conclusion of past discussion is that an analytics pipeline would cost more money and cut into their bottom line. That is very likely the main reason they don't do these things.

    The article discusses Korean MMORPGs which are, apparently, extremely serious business. They make you install rootkits to make sure you're not cheating.
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