I have been looking around for a way to remote input into BlueStacks which is a program I use to load the OSRS client on mobile.

I spent hours looking around at I guess outdated remote ways such as PInput and RISetup that requires .dll files, plugins folder, and includes.
But then I realized I think that this is all installed already on the new Simba because I looked around and found

I then added this to my script and got a successful compile and selection of window from the client dropper.
Window Selected: 1376854
- Dimensions: 994x574
- PID: 13176
- Title: BlueStacks App Player 3
- ClassName: Qt5154QWindowOwnDCIcon

But when I run my script I get this:
Succesfully compiled in 406 milliseconds.
[00:00:01:297]:[Remote Input]:[Fatal]: Failed to pair client
Succesfully executed in 2000 milliseconds.
Cannot Initialize Maps

It seems that it cannot pair to the client... So what shall I do? Thanks!