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Thread: [Xeros] Amethyst Miner and DartCutter

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    Default [Xeros] Amethyst Miner and DartCutter

    Amethyst Miner and DartCutter
    Script install
    >Install Simba
    >Download BlankSRL-6 from github(to the right click code download Zip) and extract it to your includes folder and rename it to BlankSrl-6.
    >Base is srl-6 so credit to those people.
    >Download Attached Script and place it in your scripts folder.
    Script Features
    >Mines Amethyst
    >Cuts Amethyst into dart tips.
    >Open Clue Geodes
    Script Setup / Requires Basic Scripting knowledge
    >Must Be logged in and on Fixed Mode, and have correct stats to mine/craft Amethyst
    >Use Green Cross-Hairs on client, To Select client
    >Go to Amethyst Mine @::Skill
    >Stand infront of the crystal wall and Set camera angle to Clear view of crystal/Amethyst wall.
    >Use Color Picker in simba to to create smallbox, with two points, at the wall and change line 554, the var CrystalBox, to that Tbox

    >point one top left , point two bottom right
    >Set xp rates lines 555,556
    >Make sure Xp Tracker is open

    Simba Code:
    CrystalBox := inttobox(229, 66, 296, 139);  //make sure T box boxes correct location
      CraftingXpRate := 4050; // xp per craft
      MiningXpRate := 35062;//xp per mine
    >Must have Chisel in invo when starting script
    Progress Reports.
    Progress Report:
    Xeros Amethyst Miner and DartCutter
    Total Time Ran 17 min 12 sec 
    Total Mined 131 Mining Xp Gained 4593122
    Total Crafted 131 Crafting Xp Gained 530550
    Reason For Terminating script is Manually Stopped

    Progress Report:
    Xeros Amethyst Miner and DartCutter
    Total Time Ran 58 min 53 sec 
    Total Mined 532 Mining Xp Gained 18652984
    Total Crafted 532 Crafting Xp Gained 2154600
    Reason For Terminating script is Manually Stopped

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    Are there any decent economy servers out these days

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