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Thread: How to install/setup Simba for RS3

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    Thumbs up How to install/setup Simba for RS3

    How to install and setup Simba for RS3!
    This guide was last updated on September 29th, 2014.

    BEFORE posting, look at SRL's Frequently Asked Questions!

    If you want to setup Simba for Old School Runescape, go here!


    As you will soon realize, setting up Simba is extremely easy. This guide covers the following:

    • How to install Simba so it works with Runescape on both Windows and Linux operating systems.
    • How to setup Simba so it will automatically download and update SRL, SPS, plugins, and extensions.
    • How to properly setup your in-game graphics and interfaces.
    • How to add players to the SRL player manager, Rafiki.
    • How to setup a script that uses the SRL Player Form.
    • How to setup a script's declarePlayers procedure.
    • Other Simba extensions.
    • Some troubleshooting tips.
    • How to fix some common errors.
    • Where to find quick help if needed.

    Setting up your Ubuntu for Simba
    Note that this may not work for all versions of Linux.

    WARNING: If you are using ANY version of Windows, skip to How to install/setup Simba!

    How to install and setup WINE:

    • If you don't already have WINE, run this command in the Terminal, then hit 'Y' to install and wait for it to finish downloading:
      sudo apt-get install wine
    • To test it out, go to Applications > Wine > Programs > Accessories > Notepad. If it opens, you've successfully installed WINE!

    How to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE):

    • In order for you to run Runescape, you need to install the Windows version of JRE in WINE. Go here >, and download the OFFLINE version.
    • Run the .exe with WINE (should run with WINE by default) and wait for everything to be installed.
    • At this point, if you don't want to use SMART, you'll have to download and install the Windows version of Firefox (or another browser) the same way you installed Java.
    • If you have trouble running a .exe through WINE, you may have to set your permissions. To do this, simply run this command in the terminal:
      Progress Report:
      chmod a+x jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe

    How to install/setup Simba

    At this point, the steps are the same for both Windows and Linux. To avoid some possible errors, I recommended you disable your firewall for the duration of this tutorial.

    1. Make sure you have Java Runtime Environment 7+. This is required to run SMART. If you don't know what version of Java you have, go here.
    2. Download and install Simba from here. If it gives you the option, download the 32-bit version (even if you are on a 64-bit machine).
    3. Open Simba; go to View > Extensions.
    4. Enable
    5. Click View > Extensions Menu.
    6. Click Extensions > Check for Updates. Let it update.
    7. Restart Simba.
    8. Go to View > Extensions.
    9. Enable and
    10. Click SRL > Check for Updates. Let the files download.
    11. Click SPS > Check for Updates. Let the files download (this may take a few minutes).
    12. Restart Simba.
    13. Go to Script > Interpreter > Lape. VERY IMPORTANT! Scripts will not compile if Lape isn't selected as the interpreter.

    Now, let's test your setup to make sure everything is working properly. At this point, you have two options: using SMART (recommended) or using your browser. SMART allows you to still use your computer while running a script whereas using your browser takes control of you mouse. The following steps cover both options.

    1. Navigate to your Simba/Includes/ folder, and make sure you have both an SPS and an SRL-6 folder.
    2. Go back to Simba, and copy/paste the following code into the text editor:
      Simba Code:
      program new;
      {$DEFINE SMART} // comment this line out if you don't want to use SMART
      {$i srl-6/srl.simba}

    3. If you are not using SMART, skip to Setting up in-game graphics and interfaces.
    4. Hit run (the green arrow) in Simba, or press F9 to run the current script. A console window will pop up, followed by SMART (this may take several minutes). You will also see a lot of text appearing in the debug box - this is where you will see the progress of everything, including any error messages (hopefully you won't see any of these).
    5. A security window may pop up asking if you want to allow access to a file. Choose Always Allow and click Okay. A second/third window may pop up, in which case you should choose Always Allow for both.

    Setting up in-game graphics and interfaces


    Without this step, it is likely any script you run will exhibit very odd behavior. You need to properly set your graphics settings and in-game interface layout (don't worry, it is very easy):

    • If you're using SMART disable it, so you can use your mouse.
    • In the Runescape login screen, open the Options interface.
    • Set screen-sizing to Fixed.
    • Set graphics settings to Min (may vary from script-to-script, but is the default for most).
    • Under Manual Setup, click Custom.
    • Make sure you're in OpenGL mode (for SMART users) or DirectX mode for browser users. WARNING: If RS gives an error not allowing you to load OpenGL, you need to add JRE to your system's PATH settings before JDK.
    • Login your player.
    • Open the settings interface and select the preset layout Old School.
    • Click Interface Settings and make sure that the "Slim Headers" is checked.
    • Make sure the "Hide title bars when locked" is not checked.
    • Make sure the transparency bar is slid all the way to to left (so there is 0% transparency).
    • Although it's not required, it is recommended that you lock your interfaces.
    • You also have the option to make the chatbox smaller, and move the action bar down do the entire 3D game screen can be seen. But again, this is optional.
    • When you're done, you should have a setup that looks something like this (I made the chatbox smaller).

    Unfortunately, you may have to do this for every player you use.

    If you're using your browser, start a script by dragging Simba's crosshairs (green target icon) over your loaded RS client, and hit the green play button.

    Adding players to Rafiki (Player Manager)

    Adding players to the player manager is very, very easy. It is a very basic form, but does allow multiple player files to be saved/loaded, as well and username and password encryption. It also means you will never have to enter your username and password in a script ever again. Open Simba and go to SRL > Player Manager. A script will open and a form should pop up:

    The setup is pretty straight forward:

    • Click the green "+" button to add a player.
    • Edit the players information on the right. You'll notice only the login name and password are required. I recommend you also enter a nickname. This nickname can be used to load your player into a script, otherwise you will have to use your login name. The display name is used only for debugging.
    • Choose whether or not you want to use encryption.
    • Save your players!
    • You can add/delete players from the list at any time.

    Note that the Player Manager opens a new script file and runs it. It will still run if you're running another script in the same instance of Simba.

    If you want to access the file that stores your player information, open Simba/settings.xml.

    How to setup a script that uses the SRL Player Form

    For the most part setting up this form is really straight forward, but there's always the possibility for confusion. Hopefully this will clear some things up. There are two things you need to worry about: the player file and your players. Any other settings should be explained by the author of the script you're using.

    The player file

    The player file is the file you saved using the Rafiki player manager (from above). Simply type in the name of the file you want to use. You'll know it's a valid file if the red X turns into a green checkmark:

    When you see a green checkmark, click Load Players, and the player list below should populate with all the players you have in that file.

    Your players

    It is very simple to select which players you want to use. Check the box next to their name and you will be able to set specific script settings for that player.

    How to setup a script's declarePlayers procedure

    ** Note: If the script you're using uses the SRL Player Form (from above), skip this section!

    As a new user you may have trouble setting up each script for what you need, and for some of you this could be the first time you're looking at any code. Hopefully this will help with that. Each script has a procedure called "declarePlayers" where you setup your player information. In addition to this guide, each script writer should provide detailed instructions on how to properly setup the script.

    Here's a brief lowdown on declarePlayers():

    • players.setup(['Account1', 'Account2'], 'FileName');

      This line determines the player(s) you want to use. 'Account1' and 'Account2' are the names of the accounts you want the script to use. You can use the account's login name, nickname, or display name (as long as you filled them out in the Rafiki player manager), and you can add as many players as you wish.

      'FileName' is the name of the player file you saved in Rafiki. If you are unsure of the file name, it is likely 'default', otherwise you can to go your Simba/Includes/Players/ folder and check.

    • The specific player information is usually associated with a "with players[X] do" clause. If you need to add more than the script provides, you can use copy/paste and change the "X" value.
      Simba Code:
      procedure declarePlayers();
        players.setup(['Account1', 'Account2'], 'FileName');
        currentPlayer := 0;

        // this part is specific player settings, and will be different for every script

        // this is to setup "Account1"
        with players[0] do
          integers[0] := 50;
          integers[1] := 25;
          booleans[0] := true;

        // this is to setup "Account2"
        with players[1] do
          integers[0] := 50;
          integers[1] := 25;
          booleans[0] := true;

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Fixing common problems

    Your problem is most likely outlined in this thread. The same thread will be helpful for a lot of things. If your error doesn't appear there, please post here or on that thread, and someone will help you out as soon as possible.


    There are a couple things you can try if you come across and unknown error:

    • Make sure the JRE is in your system's PATH before JDK (if you have JDK). Restart Simba/SMART.
    • Close Simba/SMART and delete all Jagex related files on your system. Try again.

    Where to find quick help

    There are several ways to get help at SRL. Most of the members here are more than happy to give a helping hand to newcomers. Here are the best ways to get help:

    • Probably the easiest and fastest way to get help is to join SRL's IRC Channel on (#srl), or click here.
    • Post on this thread, and someone will reply as soon as possible.
    • Visit the Botting Help and Guides section of the forums.

    I hope this helped you and was clear enough to understand. If you have any comments/problems/suggestions, please post.

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    Well done, always feel free to PM anyone with a Purple, black, or Red name. They will be more than happy to help you out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nava2 View Post

    This was needed.

    You may just want to write in that you can use command-line subversion as well.

    cd c:/Program Files/scarprerelease/
    svn co ""
    Thanks, added.

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    i already got it, but it was just guessing and hoping it would work ;P

    +rep though, because you made it clear
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    I already got that too(I like subversion!). But you can just Tools -> Associate .scar files and tada double click will work aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabzi View Post
    I already got that too(I like subversion!). But you can just Tools -> Associate .scar files and tada double click will work aswell.
    Like in your old version of SCAR, you can just go tools > Assiciate .scar files, and it will update to 3.21+?

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    Successfully compiled (36 ms)
    Obtaining file list...
    Obtained file and folder list. There are 20 folders and 667 files.
    Downloading and installing files...
    c:\scar 3.21\Changelog.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\License.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\SCAR Readme.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\scar.exe
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\asciifull.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\fold.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\list.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\manual.htm
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\manual1.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\manual3.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\manual4.jpg
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\mask.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\open.gif
    c:\scar 3.21\Help\skipbox.PNG
    c:\scar 3.21\Includes\Placeholder.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\Accessable SCAR Functions.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\CppTestPlugin.dpr
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\CppTestPlugin.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\FastShareMem.pas
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\Readme For Developers.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\SCARFunctions.pas
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\TestPlugin.dpr
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\TestPlugin_Globals.pas
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\TestPlugin_Main.pas
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\100.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\101.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\102.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\103.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\104.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\105.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\106.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\107.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\108.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\109.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\110.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\111.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\112.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\113.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\114.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\115.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\116.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\117.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\118.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\119.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\120.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\121.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\122.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\32.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\33.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\39.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\44.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\45.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\46.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\63.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\65.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\66.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\67.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\68.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\69.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\70.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\71.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\72.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\73.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\74.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\75.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\76.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\77.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\78.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\79.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\80.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\81.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\82.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\83.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\84.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\85.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\86.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\87.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\88.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\89.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\90.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\97.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\98.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsNPC\99.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\48.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\49.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\50.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\51.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\52.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\53.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\54.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\55.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\56.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\57.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\75.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\CharsTrade\77.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\100.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\101.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\102.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\103.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\104.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\105.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\106.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\107.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\108.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\109.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\110.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\111.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\112.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\113.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\114.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\115.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\116.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\117.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\118.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\119.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\120.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\121.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\122.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\32.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\48.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\49.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\50.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\51.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\52.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\53.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\54.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\55.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\56.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\57.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\65.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\66.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\67.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\68.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\69.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\70.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\71.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\72.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\73.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\74.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\75.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\76.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\77.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\78.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\79.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\80.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\81.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\82.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\83.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\84.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\85.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\86.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\87.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\88.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\89.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\90.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\97.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\98.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\FriendChars\99.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\100.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\101.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\102.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\103.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\104.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\105.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\106.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\107.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\108.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\109.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\110.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\111.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\112.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\113.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\114.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\115.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\116.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\117.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\118.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\119.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\120.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\121.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\122.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\123.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\124.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\125.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\126.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\128.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\140.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\152.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\156.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\159.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\161.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\162.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\163.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\164.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\165.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\166.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\167.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\168.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\169.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\170.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\171.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\172.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\173.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\174.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\175.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\176.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\177.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\178.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\179.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\180.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\181.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\182.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\183.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\184.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\185.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\186.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\187.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\188.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\189.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\190.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\191.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\192.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\193.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\194.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\195.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\196.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\197.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\198.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\199.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\200.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\201.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\202.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\203.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\204.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\205.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\206.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\207.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\208.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\209.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\211.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\212.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\213.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\214.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\215.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\216.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\217.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\218.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\219.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\220.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\221.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\222.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\223.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\224.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\225.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\226.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\227.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\228.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\229.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\230.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\231.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\232.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\233.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\234.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\235.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\236.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\237.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\238.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\239.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\240.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\241.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\242.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\243.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\244.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\245.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\246.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\247.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\248.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\249.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\250.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\251.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\252.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\253.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\254.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\255.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\32.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\33.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\34.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\35.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\36.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\37.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\38.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\39.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\40.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\41.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\42.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\43.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\44.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\45.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\46.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\47.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\48.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\49.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\50.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\51.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\52.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\53.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\54.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\55.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\56.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\57.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\58.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\59.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\60.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\61.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\62.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\63.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\64.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\65.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\66.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\67.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\68.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\69.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\70.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\71.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\72.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\73.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\74.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\75.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\76.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\77.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\78.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\79.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\80.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\81.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\82.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\83.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\84.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\85.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\86.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\87.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\88.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\89.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\90.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\91.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\92.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\93.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\94.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\95.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\97.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\98.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\SmallChars\99.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\100.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\101.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\102.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\103.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\104.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\105.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\106.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\107.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\108.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\109.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\110.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\111.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\112.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\113.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\114.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\115.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\116.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\117.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\118.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\119.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\120.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\121.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\122.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\32.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\33.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\34.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\35.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\36.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\37.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\39.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\40.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\41.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\42.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\43.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\46.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\48.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\49.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\50.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\51.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\52.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\53.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\54.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\55.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\56.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\57.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\58.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\59.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\61.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\63.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\64.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\65.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\66.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\67.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\68.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\69.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\70.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\71.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\72.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\73.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\74.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\75.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\76.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\77.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\78.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\79.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\80.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\81.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\82.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\83.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\84.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\85.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\86.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\87.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\88.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\89.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\90.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\91.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\92.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\93.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\97.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\98.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\StatChars\99.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\100.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\101.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\102.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\103.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\104.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\105.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\106.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\107.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\108.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\109.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\110.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\111.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\112.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\113.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\114.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\115.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\116.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\117.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\118.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\119.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\120.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\121.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\122.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\123.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\124.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\125.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\126.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\163.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\32.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\33.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\34.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\35.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\36.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\37.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\38.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\39.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\40.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\41.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\42.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\43.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\44.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\45.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\46.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\47.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\48.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\49.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\50.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\51.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\52.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\53.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\54.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\55.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\56.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\57.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\58.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\59.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\60.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\61.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\62.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\63.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\64.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\65.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\66.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\67.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\68.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\69.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\70.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\71.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\72.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\73.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\74.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\75.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\76.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\77.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\78.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\79.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\80.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\81.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\82.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\83.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\84.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\85.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\86.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\87.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\88.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\89.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\90.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\91.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\92.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\93.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\94.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\95.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\97.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\98.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Fonts\UpChars\99.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\CppTestPlugin\Main.c
    c:\scar 3.21\Plugins\CppTestPlugin\Main.obj
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\BoolToStr.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\Ceil.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\FloatToStr.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\Floor.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\IntToStr.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\ReadLn.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\Round.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\StrToInt.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\StrToIntDef.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Examples\WriteLn.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Flash Games\Castle.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Flash Games\GoldFishSaver.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Flash Games\KickUps.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Flash Games\RadialPong.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Flash Games\SonarChallenge.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Games\Bejeweled.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Games\CanYouClickIt.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Games\ClickEm.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Games\Tic Tac Toe.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Games\Tins.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Misc\DragSnake.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Misc\Parabola.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Misc\SCAR Paint.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Movies\Movie_by_Mastaraymond.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Neopets\TugOWar.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Neopets\mathnightmare.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Neopets\national.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Neopets\peanut.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Scripting Tools\DFM Parser v.26c by Ron.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ArrayTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\BitmapFromStringBenchmark.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\BubbleSort.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\CheckListBoxTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ColorPickTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\CompilerDirectivesTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\CompilerDirectivesTest2.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\CountColor.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\CountColorExample.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\DebugParamsTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\DiviDirective.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\DllTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorCircle.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorCircleExample.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorSkipBox.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorSkipBox.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorSkipBoxArray.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorSkipCoords.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorSkipCoords.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorToleranceBenchmark.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorTriangle.bmp
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorTriangleExample.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindColorsTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindMMColorsTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FindWindowtest2.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FontTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FontTest2.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FontTest3.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FormTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\FormatTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\GetBitmapAreaColorsTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\GetFilesTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\GetnTrimTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\HSLConversion.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\INITest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\IncludeTest.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\LabelGotoTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\LabeledEditTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\MenuTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\MinimapAngleTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\OpenDialogTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\PopupMenuTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ProgressBarExample.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\QuickSort.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\RGBConversion.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ReplaceRegex.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\RichEditTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ScriptTerminateTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ScrollBarTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\StatusBarTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TBitmapFromBmp.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TColorDialogTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TColorPickerTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TFontDialogExample.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TNxButtonEdit.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TNxFontComboBox.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TStringListExample.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TStringListExample2.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TabsTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TestTcp.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\ThreadSafeTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TimeOutTest.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TimeTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\TimerTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\WelcomeToRS.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\XYZConversionTest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\brainfuck.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\canvasbagatest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\chri.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\colorspeed2test.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\debugcanvastest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\dtmtest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\errortest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\fastdrawtest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\filetest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\findcolorspiraltest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\findwindowtest.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\fishes.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\formtut.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\getmousetest.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\huetest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\imagetest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\imagetest2.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\imagetest3.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\include.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\interscarmessagetest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\iskeydowntest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\istextat2test.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\message_plane.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\message_tower.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\mouseshifttest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\performance tester.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\rgbtest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\savescreenshot.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\settingstest.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\simple.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\smoothmousemovetest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\spiralbitmaptest.txt
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testdeformedimages.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testhttp.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testhttp2.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testkeydown.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testplugintest.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testrotateddtms.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testsearchinbitmap.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testsendkeys.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\testsoundplugins.scar
    c:\scar 3.21\Scripts\Test\vbsendkeystest.scar
    Verifying all files and contents...
    All files were installed successfully.
    Successfully executed
    Downloaded with my downloadrepository function .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da 0wner View Post
    Downloaded with my downloadrepository function .
    Well aren't you just unreal.

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    + rep
    thanks a lot man, this is clear and easy to get.
    (easily confused in some situations!)
    thanks alot!
    of i go to wc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewiss View Post
    + rep
    thanks a lot man, this is clear and easy to get.
    (easily confused in some situations!)
    thanks alot!
    of i go to wc.
    No problem at all, glad I could help.

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    what do you mean by: Right click on you desktop (or where ever you want SCAR to be), then click SVN Checkout
    I can only find update srl svn
    junior member
    need help ask me!

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    No, Update SRL SVN is in SCAR. Not your desktop.

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    "Move plugins if you haven't already." I say that in my post But thanks for helping people ^^ <3 you too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yo123 View Post
    what do you mean by: Right click on you desktop (or where ever you want SCAR to be), then click SVN Checkout
    I can only find update srl svn
    Click the right button on your mouse on the desktop, and there should be an option that says SVN Checkout. If you don't have it, then download and install Tortoise SVN. When you right click you should get something like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by 99_ aka ian. View Post
    "Move plugins if you haven't already." I say that in my post But thanks for helping people ^^ <3 you too!
    I know But it seems to be a common mistake.
    Last edited by Coh3n; 07-14-2009 at 09:37 PM.

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    I'm missing a whole lot of DLL's...

    and a whole bunch more. All starting with bass
    Ce ne sont que des gueux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floor66 View Post
    I'm missing a whole lot of DLL's...

    and a whole bunch more. All starting with bass
    I don't even know what those are. Pretty sure I don't have those, what folder are they missing from? And was this after you downloaded 3.21?

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    Yup, as soon as I launched scar.exe version 3.21a
    Never had it before. They don't give a directory, just that it's missing.
    Ce ne sont que des gueux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floor66 View Post
    Yup, as soon as I launched scar.exe version 3.21a
    Never had it before. They don't give a directory, just that it's missing.
    Sorry, I have no idea, try posting on Freddy's thread (link in first post). Have you tried running any scripts or anything?

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    Tried Open With -> scar.exe
    No worky.
    Ce ne sont que des gueux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floor66 View Post
    Tried Open With -> scar.exe
    No worky.
    Did SCAR just come up blank? Because I explain that that doesn't work. You have to open the script from SCAR.

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    It didn't open scar. at all ^^
    Ce ne sont que des gueux

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    Odd, since I couldn't find those .dlls at all, maybe they're not part of SCAR? I'm assuming you've tried redownloading it and everything?

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    Yup. Tried redownloading the freddy1990 svn twice.
    Ce ne sont que des gueux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floor66 View Post
    Yup. Tried redownloading the freddy1990 svn twice.
    Very weird, sorry man I don't know what else to tell you. You can try searching Google for the missing .dll, but other than that I have no idea what you should do.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    I get "This application has failed to start because bass.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

    Tried reinstalling numerous times.

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