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Today 04:02 PM
 Latest Hooks Log
So unfortunately with this update jagex completely rewrote how widgets are handled, breaking virtually every pattern I used to get the hooks. For the time being I just commented them out, but be... (15,897 views, 69 replies)
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Today 03:57 PM
 [Reflection] Rogues' Den Cooker
From how I've read it. I think that there is a lack of any kind of wait. So it checks the bank is open and you've got the food in your inventory, so it closes it, but then it checks again before it's... (149 views, 2 replies)
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Today 02:34 PM
 [AeroLib / Reflection] J Ghoul Killer
bumping cause updated and if anyone could approve my title update to get rid of the reflection part, that'd be great (3,923 views, 49 replies)
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Today 01:16 PM
 [AeroLib][Color] Borland_Iron_Ores
Fair enough :) (284 views, 8 replies)
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Today 08:29 AM
 Lumbridge Miner & Smelter
Start it at the lumbridge combat academy bank chest. SPS Map needs to be placed inside of runescape_surface Could be buggy, Didn't do much testing as i got the mining level for smelting iron... (23 views, 0 replies)
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Today 08:26 AM
 Forum Suggestion
That is its purpose. The type of scripts you're describing do fall between the Snippet and Scripts section, so I'd suggest posting into which ever one they're closest to being. If it does go into... (72 views, 7 replies)
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Today 04:29 AM
 [Aerolib] Creating your first script
I know this is off topic, but is a wine grabber really worth it? Is there not stupid amounts of players already doing the same thing? Contesting the spot and significantly dropping the gp/hour? (689 views, 18 replies)
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Today 01:21 AM
 Is Simba Still The Safest Bot To Use?
Just to clear up a couple things, Simba is just a compiler, such as Eclipse if you've ever used that program. Includes, such as SRL and AeroLib are you tools & libraries of functions/procedures for... (1,355 views, 21 replies)
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Today 12:44 AM
 [RS3] Varrock Miner
I was having the same problems but it appears that the font change they made on certain characters causes the mouse over text to read Iron as ]ron so all i had to do to fix was to change Iron to ]ron... (13,332 views, 138 replies)
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Dan the man
Yesterday 09:30 PM
 [AeroLib] JaczPowerFisher - Barbarian Fishing
That was my assumption as well. (2,157 views, 21 replies)
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Yesterday 07:53 PM
 Plugins: Invalid windows image
Interesting... Those users were in the last several months? That plugin version was compiled in 2012, when XP was still quite popular. Maybe one of XP last update screwed something ? (125 views, 9 replies)